Our neighborhood is changing…

Earlier this year, both of my neighbors had life altering events… One passed away, so her house went up for sale. And my other neighbor had dementia and was moved to a safer place of living. The first house sold to a lovely woman and her two children. The other house is being redone – to be rented out eventually.

In the meantime, the house across the street was sold… and is being redone as well. So many new changes… three houses down there is another house for sale and a few months ago another neighbor 2 houses down was rented out to another family…

The new next door neighbor with the kids, is nice! I met her the other day and her children quickly asked if my son wanted to hang out with them. So yesterday he went to their house and hung out. Today he was re-invited to hang out- and I eventually went over to say hello to the mother myself.

I was invited in – and only expected to stay a few minutes.

Fast forward 2 hours later….

Above is my husband’s text to me… after I went missing LOL

She’s legit a very nice / cool person. I ended up chatting with her for 2 hours, getting to know her. I think I may legit have a new friend. We seem similar in a few ways. And her boys get along with my children!

I am going to try to make an effort to hang out with her more soon – I need good friends. I need people in my life that are positive.

I am actually very excited to have finally met this new neighbor. I don’t get to meet many new people in person, being a SAHM and a WAHM, kind of limits my options on friends. I sort of just took what I got … but it’s nice to find someone so close that wants to hang out. I hope we do become good friends. I haven’t made a new friend in like 6 years.

Now we need to keep our fingers crossed that who ever rents the house next to us on the other side- will be nice as well.

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