“I am not a horrible driver,” is what I keep telling myself over and over. For the 4th time today, I had to explain to someone I know that my car, which is less than 5 years old and only has about 27,000 miles on it… needs an entire new engine…

“Also, I’m blaming your crazy driving, JK.” My friend texts me, after I tell her what the car dealership told me about my poor car needing a new engine… and that I will get a rental car paid for by Kia, because my car is still under warranty. I am honestly so thankful that this is covered…

Last week I was driving home with my husband from a family member’s home. I looked over and BAM …

Now … I don’t actually drive my car much, just to the store about a mile away…and sometimes to the mall. My son is home schooled… and I work from home. So for my car to just break on me, was weird. So I took it in to the dealer, the soonest they could see me was in 5 or 6 days. I am very glad that I did not ignore this issue.

This morning, I turned on my car, and took it to the car dealer across town. They had the closest appointment, and on my way there..I noticed that the engine light did not turn on…

“My service engine light isn’t on anymore, but don’t trust my car, it’s full of lies,” I told the service tech. He laughed. “Oh and the check oil light is on, but I had that changed 5oo miles ago…so that shouldn’t be happening,” I told him. He wrote it down and said he would also check that as well. “Oh and I can’t get UVO to work on my phone connected to the car anymore.” He told me a sales person would set that up with me after the car was fixed, UVO is an app that comes with the car, which you can do diagnostic alerts on. My UVO stopped working about 1 year into me owning the car.

I am a lazy person.

My mother came to pick me up at the car dealership… and as I have mentioned before, I have social anxiety. It kills me… (Or at least it feels like it.) After I checked my car in, and took out my daughter’s car seat, I called my mother to see where she was.

“I am out side in the parking lot, I have been here for 10 minutes…” my mother told me. “Hmmm are you on the wrong side of the building?” I asked her. “I am in front of a door that says parts…” she said back. “I saw a sign that said parts and that was on the opposite side, drive around and come get me,” I told her, and hung up once she agreed. I did have the car seat, the baby in a stroller, a 11 year old…and no clue where she was.

5 minutes pass….

I call my mom back. “Where are you? Are you even at the right car dealership?” I asked her. “Yes, It says the name of the dealership you mentioned. I have driven around the building twice and did not see you…” she explains…

“Okay, I will look for you again…. are you SURE you are at the right building…KIA….??” I ask her again. “Yes!” she is starting to think I must be hiding somewhere.

I got onto twitter and tweeted out the following tweet….

I was fairly certain by now….20 minutes later… that my mother was indeed at the wrong dealership. But every time I called her, she sounded so certain that I was just tricking her and she finally caved in and said “I am going in side and I am going to ask the help desk where to go!”

“Okay…..” *Phone clicks*

I waited another 5 or so minutes before my mother called me back…

“I am at the wrong dealership… the lady said that the dealership you are at is up the road….” she sounded so defeated.

“Yeah I thought you were lost… I mean …I would have seen you driving around and around…. ” I see my mother drive up at this point… “We see you”. My son runs out to greet her and I collect my toddler…the car seat…the stroller… her books…the baby bag… and follow my son out to the car.

I cannot believe that my mother drove around the wrong car dealership… it didn’t even say KIA on it…. *sigh*

So the car dealership said they would call me in 3 hours. I gave them about 5 1/2 hours, and then I called them. I needed to know if my car would be having a sleep over at the dealership or not anyways.

I spoke to an amazingly nice mechanic who explained to me that they ran diagnostics, and that they just got the results back and had to talk to KIA because my engine would need to be replaced…. completely…

BUT… that is was under warranty. And that they just needed to get permission to do the job first. I butted in and asked him about a loaner car because…obviously…if my engine needed to be replaced, I knew I would be with out a car for a while. “Yes, Kia will pay for that too… you will get a rental through enterprise and we will pay for it.” he explained.

I probably said thank you 19 times…

Thankfully this is covered under my warranty.

The guy said that my car might have something called “Rod Knock”. Which apparently sucks… and its just easier and cheaper to just give me a new engine instead of fixing it. I mean I don’t mind, just give me a working car in the end and I will be happy.

I called my husband later in the day and made him guess what the problem was with my car… he actually GUESSED “do you need a new engine?” and I just laughed… and said yes. He said something along the lines of “You aren’t allowed to have a new car until I get a new one!” he says this because I got my car about 4 1/2 years ago due to a car accident and had to replace my car. And he really wants a new car, but we are still making payments on MY current car. *giggles*

We can afford a second car. He is just picky. That’s fine though. He can be the financially responsible one out of the two of us if he would like.

So tomorrow I am scheduled to pick up a car from enterprise to help me get around until my car is fixed… or reanimated…

I never gave my car a name… maybe I could call her a zombie car now if it gets redone… or frankin-car? If you can think of a name for my car, let me know. I still don’t know how I broke my car…

But so far, Kia is doing an amazing job with customer service. Way to go kia… 🙂

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