Today has been exhausting, we are very new to homeschooling. We started earlier this year and completed 5th grade but this week we decided to start 6th grade. I bought some more supplies, after figuring out what didn’t work for me at the end of 5th grade for my son, and I am trying to organize our day to make this easier on us.

My son’s daily tasks are on the computer program we use and I printed the materials, like tests and quiz packets. I sorted them into the folders I labeled for him so that when it is time to complete certain work on certain days (we need a schedule unlike some home schoolers), he will know in advance how much work he has to complete for me.

I am still trying to find a foreign language program that we would like to use. I may try the one on time4learning, I believe they use rosetta stone. My son actually said he would like to use the latin learning program. I took latin in high school, and did very well at it. So I feel that I could help him and learn as well.

I want to prove to people that we can do this. I know other people who home school who have less education than myself and less resources. I want to prove to people that my son can have an education, beyond the special education courses he took in public school that failed him. We feel this last year of p.s. has literally dropped him behind where he would have been if I just sucked it up and home schooled sooner. I was too scared to.

I really hate that I let him go on in p.s. for so long. I hate that I let people convince me that I couldn’t home school him myself. I have the resources, the money and the time. I still choose to work PRN at the medical facility I previously worked F/T for. But I work 2 days a week for 4 hours a day only. I could work more if I wanted…but honestly I have a toddler and I home school. I think 2 days is enough for now. I am starting to look at preschool materials for my daughter as well since … her food allergies are just bad enough to where I don’t feel safe with her going to preschool in a year with them. Unless she outgrows some of them.

I am going to be prepared to educate her as well if needed. I am crossing my fingers that we can just send her to preschool so she can have fun with other children. Home schooling was not my first option… and I hate it when people try to judge me for choosing it. I chose it to help my child. I chose to leave a F/T position that I loved because I love my child more. I have had “friends” suggest that a parent cannot teach their child and pretty much assume I was telling them that I was better than them…for some reason… bc I chose to teach my child out side of the school. She said she felt that her degree was not replaceable it seems. And I agree.. she might be a good teacher…BUT… my son is not a “normal” case. We tried school… and it failed us… he was being left behind …the teachers couldn’t handle his ADHD and other issues.

So who would I be as a mother to LET him fail? He has a life as well. It’s my job to help him be successful.


Anyways… I am happy to be a part of the home schooling community now. They have opened their arms up to me and welcomed me in to their groups. I feel a bit lost at times because I do believe some children thrive in public school…but we just didn’t. It was a hard choice for me to make.

Not all of us moms want to leave our jobs… but at least I work from home. I can go back F/T eventually. For now I will learn how to be a better home schooling mom. For my son.

SIDE NOTE: I have a hard time with homeschooling groups because of my social anxiety. I hate meet ups…but I love them. I hate meeting new people, but I know we need to. Its a daily struggle.

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