I recently got these amazing new headphones and I wanted to share with you what I think of them! (Hint: You can buy them on Amazon! And for a short promotional time, you can get them 50% off, read my post to find out how.) #ad #sponsored

These headphones are not like others I have had, you will notice that they come with two sets of wires, the earpieces are detachable and they provide a cute little bag to put them in, as well as a ton of different sized ear pieces!

First of all – you can choose between using these as wireless or wired. Let me explain…. (see photos)

This is the wireless option (which is GREAT for when I work out!)

You can choose to use these headphones wireless, which is what I choose when I am working out. They are portable and the headphones tell you when they are connected. I can walk across my house and still get a good signal, which is nice because sometimes I may forget to bring my phone with me to the kitchen or to my daughter’s room.

Or you can choose to use these with the wired option. If you run out of battery (which I have not so far), you can opt to just take the ear buds off the wireless set and connect them to the wired set. It works both ways! I really didn’t know what I was missing out on before I got these. I would often have to go to the gym with out head phones if I forgot to charge mine the night before.

The sound is great and they fit my ears perfectly because they gave me so many options on sizes! With HD sound – these really do sound amazing while I listen to my music.

This is what the controls look like on the wireless set
I love this case for my headphones!

So you probably want some details… where do I get these? And really how much do they cost? Don’t worry it won’t eat a hole in your bank account.

For a limited time (Until July 16th) you can get 50% off your pair of headphones! Go to : https://amzn.to/2FyTegt and use code V8D9B4K7 at check out! You will only pay $16.49 (original price is only $32.99). These headphones come in multiple colors, so if you don’t like red, you have a choice! (Black, Clear, Red)

(Image taken from Qidoou’s Amazon Page)

Check out more deals Qidoou has to offer by clicking their link: https://dealspotr.com/promo-codes/qidoou

http://www.qidoou.com/ <– check out more of their products at their website!

#ad #sponsored #qidoou #headphones

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