I have talked about food allergies on here before and we have mentioned how my daughter might have FPIES, since all of her symptoms fit perfectly. We went to an allergist back in October 2018 and the allergist said all the tests came out normal, and that we should just watch what we feed my daughter. But we got no diagnosis at the time.

So I called my daughter’s PCP and requested a second allergist to be called since I wanted a real diagnosis. I let her dr now that I thought it was FPIES. Her doctor is a new doctor and looked up the symptoms and suggested it might be FPIES as well, but wanted an allergist as well to look at her. The appointment was scheduled for 8 months later, because pediatric allergists are hard to come by in my town apparently and since my daughter was gaining weight and we were handling symptoms pretty decently, we did not need an emergency appointment.

Yesterday we saw the allergist and I am happy to say that we were right in our diagnosis.

Our diagnosis and follow up visit have been scheduled (there is not much we can do for FPIES) other than trial foods very carefully.

My daughter will see this doctor again when she is 3 to trial all of her old foods she has been allergic to. Until then we have been suggested to see a GI doctor for anything else since this is more stomach related. We have an appointment for August, which we will discuss with the GI any options on seeing a dietary doctor for food ideas.

My main issue with this food allergy is that my daughter isn’t getting everything she needs from her foods she currently eats. She is allergic to Oats, Rice, Wheat, (some corn sensitivities), pineapple, broccoli, turkey… and so that leaves us with a lot of foods she CAN have right now but I want to ensure she is getting all the vitamins she needs for her brain and body to grow at a healthy rate for her age.

I am just relieved this is just FPIES. The doctor said it sounds like classic fpies, the triggers, the time line…everything.

FPIES can be outgrown… so we are hoping her stomach matures. We hope her body will stop rejecting these foods. But now that her PCP will be told that she has FPIES, we can treat it with out him worrying so much. He was hesitant on giving us medication for the vomiting , but now that he knows that its a normal reaction for fpies, and that zofran is often used in the care for FPIES patients, hopefully we can just have support from our regular doctor.

BTW, I am super sick right now- so even posting this took a lot out of me. I have another post I would like to make, but my goodness…I just can’t. I don’t have the spoons to make that post right now…. #thebloggesstribe

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