My daughter has been scheduled to see a GI doctor for her food allergies for over 5 months now. This week, the day before she was due to go in, she vomited and had a 103.5 fever. So we had to cancel, due to illness. Thankfully we will not have to wait another 5-6 months. No, this time, we only have to wait until August for the rescheduled Dr Appt.

We do have another doctor appointment coming up next week for her allergist. I am really hoping we don’t have to cancel that one because we have been waiting for THAT appointment since OCTOBER of last year. Yeah, tell me about wait lists won’t you.

In the mean time, food allergies. My daughter’s PCP asked me yesterday how we were doing. Fine, I told him. As long as we stay away from ALL unknown foods and any food that we already are aware of that she has a reaction to.

Food allergies are the worst. But recently I found some chicken nuggets that she likes, that are by a company called “Ian’s” . I found them at target last week and she is doing great on them! They are gluten free, but not corn free, so we have to feed them to her on moderation, since corn is IFFY with her.

But I can make these on the run, and they taste decent. I know, I know, I should make some more home made meals, and yes I am working on some home made recipes. But I also need some quick stuff for when we go on trips. Which I am trying to plan more of. I would like to go camping sometime soon with this baby of mine.

If anyone has any amazing camping recipes, that are gluten and rice free, send them my way!

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