I cannot believe what an amazing backpack I received from Backpacks.com. My son and I travel in the summer time to visit his father and this bag is going to come in handy with all of my son’s electronic devices. I also noticed that it has enough room to substitute for my diaper bag if I ever needed to use it instead!

They have a great selection of diaper bag backpacks on their site as well! https://www.backpacks.com/backpack-uses/diaper-bag-backpacks

See the photos below to see my take on this backpack, from backpacks.com.

As you can see from the photos above, this bag can carry quite a bit. I have two tablets, a laptop and all the cords, as well as a mouse, a speaker and headphones in it! There is even more room available in it as well! You have the option of carrying it by the handle on top, which is amazing and sturdy or via the backpack straps on the back.

Click on this link to find the BEST fitting backpack for your needs: https://www.backpacks.com/best-backpacks

This makes it a great travel bag and my son says it looks very cool as well with the patches!

I personally love the fact that this backpack is Swiss Gear, I absolutely love the brand, and own some more work bags from that company as well, so I know that backpacks.com has some great quality items! The stitching is strong, the backpacks are sold for a great price, and I received this straight to my door via mail. I didn’t have to sort through a mess of bags at the stores.

For the exact backpack I received you can go to this link: https://www.backpacks.com/backpack-features/laptop-backpacks/swissgear-3576-artz-laptop-backpack-with-patches-light-blue-diamond

Here are my PROs for this specific bag:

  • Has tons of space for electronics
  • Has dividers for tablets/laptops
  • Has large side carriers for water OR more electronics!
  • The inside and outside are stylish
  • The stitching looks strong and I see no flaws in this product
  • It’s Swiss Gear… seriously such a great brand
  • My son LOVES it, and asked if he could use it for an up coming trip
  • The top stays open while you look through your bag, it doesn’t flop over like regular bags
  • The zippers aren’t cheap

I know some of you might be saying ,but I don’t need a bag for my lap top. That’s fine šŸ™‚ because backpacks.com has multiple selections for you to choose from!

You can choose your backpack based on either style, use, feature, brands, or you can look at the sales that backpacks.com offers. I found that they have some amazing deals, and I honestly will be buying my bags from them more often, as my family and friends often have a hard time finding quality at regular retail stores.

Now here is the deal. I got this bag from backpacks.com and you can too! Just use my link to save 5% on your purchase.


Use the code MYONLYSECRET at check out.

You can also use the link BACKPACKS.COM and at check out add the code for a discount as well.

Or check out their dealspotr page for more great deals :


Have you shopped at backpacks.com before? What is stopping you ? School may have just gotten out for your kiddos but you could still snag a great deal on backpacks or bags on backpacks.com. Snag up a quality made bag for your family/traveling needs. There are so many to choose from!

#promotions #ads #sponsoredpost All items I support through sponsorship are my own opinions and I have actually received and tried these items, sometimes at a reduced price or for free, but that does not change my opinion on each product, I will always review and post honestly.

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