We have officially de-schooled and now we have started home schooling. I got a lot of people who kept asking me how home schooling has been going, and so far so good. I need to work on my schedule with my son more but we are getting there, we are on our first week and I am slowly getting my son used to the program we are using to start off home schooling. We chose “time 4 learning” since it gives us all the work and it doesn’t cost too much. I would have liked to do free but I don’t have time to plan out EVERYTHING right now.

This is our set up this week. My son is on the other side of my desk with his laptop against mine and then HIS laptop it hooked up to my spare screen so I can see all the work he does as he is doing it so I know he is not messing around on the computer. So far he is enjoying learning at home. He can take breaks when he needs too and he is excited about getting to use the computer! I am going to try to make the desk more of his own in the up coming weeks but I need to reorganize things once I am done with the memorial DVD.

If you saw past posts you would remember that my Grandmother in Law AND my own grandmother passed away with in 2 weeks of one another. I am in charge of putting the memorial DVD together for the celebration of life. I had 158 photos I had to organize, whew. So as you can imagine, I have not been on my blog much. I have told work that I am cutting my hours back again. I will be going back to 1 day a week for 4 hours. I just need to get my son’s school work set up and deal with family stuff now a days.

I did find time to garden a little this week. Since we are hosting the lunch after the funeral, my husband wanted our yard to look less dead… so I went to the store and bought a bunch of lavender. Lets hope it continues to grow nicely, because I LOVE lavender!

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