This past month has been full of ups and downs. This past year has been full of a lot of joy, but also some losses as well. Last year we lost my husband’s uncle, and this year we lost his grandma. I am dealing with switching my son over to home schooling, and changes in my work. I work less than part time now so that I can care for both my baby and my son now. I feel a bit lost. I am used to working full time. And I was getting overwhelmed with my two kids since I worked from home and also doubled as a stay at home mom.

But now I am cutting back hours and blogging more. But I still needed more help. I called my doctors up because last week I spent a few days just crying. I was angry and sad. My depression has been getting bad for a while but I just broke last week. So I am trying to work on my mental health. Finally.

I am trying to get back on Trintellix, it is an antidepressant that worked on me in the past. The only problem with it is, my old insurance would not pay for it, so I am trying again this year with a different insurance company. My doctor and I met and she put in a request for my insurance to cover this medication – she let me know in advance that I will need a prior authorization and that for a few months I can get the medication for free through the sample pharmacy. At least I can TRY this. But she is really hoping that I can get back on this medication that works for me.

I have already started using it and it is making me feel less tired. I used to get sleepy when I am depressed. I don’t mind the side affects too much because they do go away after a few weeks – its nausea. But it lasts a few hours after I take the pill, so I take it at night to avoid feeling sick.

I have tried so many different pills before and this is the one that works for me. Let’s hope my insurance company will cover some of the costs.

I will be posting more stuff soon – reviews, etc. But I am working on a post for another blog that I am guest writing a post for and I am also working on my grandma in law’s photo slides for her funeral coming up. I will try to update you all soon on how things are going.

Until next time -here is my dog Gwendolyn. She is the cutest!

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4 Comments on “Dealing with Depression

  1. I’m glad you’re getting the help you need, remember there are plenty of us pulling for you, and we’re here to talk if you need to.

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  2. i definitely understand depression. i hope you can get some relief. i am go off prozac because not working anymore but not sure if will try something else. Gook luck.

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    • Prozac never worked for me. I was on wellbutrin in the past and that stopped, as well as celexa. 😦 They just didnt feel like they worked.


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