Whether you agree with home schooling or not – we all have a choice as to how our children are educated. I will not argue with you that some children thrive in a public school setting. When I went to school, the only real issue I had was bullying . I was bullied a lot, and that has not changed for kids in this day and age. My son got teased a lot, kids would really go after him and try to make him mad on purpose.

My son has ADHD, a mood disorder, and a sensory processing disorder. We were in the process of letting the school test him for ASD, but today I found out that the “testing” they were doing was not exactly what they said they would do. Instead it was a huge waste of my time. They pretty much lied to me.

Last year my son’s PCP told me she felt that my son should be tested to see if he fell on the spectrum of autism, since he has some “traits”. So I tried to make an appointment with a few places and the big place in my town said they do not take my insurance, so I called a few other places and they all have a 2 year waiting list! I got upset. I cried a little. This is my child’s mental health we are talking about here.

So I talked to his school and let them know what was going on. At his school, he received special education courses, weekly occupational therapy, and some social worker time. We had a BIP and an IEP in place. I have been through it all with the school. I thought the “testing” would be simple enough. They said they would go in and see him, I would fill out papers, the teacher would fill out papers, etc. And they would come back to me with an answer.

Instead, for the last 4 months, I got jerked around. I have no better way of saying it. I kept having to push the school to make appointments, I was asking the teacher weekly if the diagnostic person was going to schedule any time with my son. Finally 2 months in to the year, I got an appointment and spent 2 hours filling out paperwork. They promised me they would go by THAT week to see my son. Almost a month and a half later…. after emailing them 3-4 times now, I got my answer. (First of all the teacher took almost 2 months to fill out HER papers….) but … the diagnostic person NEVER went to see my son. Not once. She said she would be there to see him over a month ago.

Instead she took the papers I filled out, and the papers the teacher filled out and decided that my son does not have autism. She called me and told me. Then she mentioned how she MIGHT go down to the school and see my son later this week.


Later today my son’s school called to tell me he would be suspended, because he was behaving poorly with his teacher. He does have issues. I am not going to lie. And that is why he is in special education, but this teacher this year can’t handle him. He has had so many suspensions this year… It’s been a bad year.

His desk is in the corner… he has almost no friends. The kids tease him and bully him. And today was the day that I decided that my son needs me to home school him instead. Now we have actually tested this before, he was suspended for a while last year so I taught him, and he told me he enjoyed me teaching him so much better than the school. I have been researching this for 2 years now. And today I finally decided to de-school him. I talked to the principal and signed the papers and brought my kid home from public school.

I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After we de-school my son, we will be ready to teach him. I am going to be looking for a curriculum for a 6th grade program. If any of you have experience with home schooling and have ideas please feel free to comment! If you have experience with a special needs child PLEASE comment. I want ideas. I need support. We did not do well in public school and I am going to work hard so that my child will get the education he deserves. Put any helpful links in the comments section. šŸ™‚

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