Last week I made a post about having to deal with family stuff, and today things came to an end. My husband’s grandmother passed away at the hospital today. She was one of the first people to welcome me into this family and I am feeling a great loss here. Not only is my friend gone, but my children’s great grandmother is gone from their lives. My mother was good friends with my husband’s grandmother as well, so telling her was hard for me. But this was not completely unexpected.

Grandma Pat

On Monday night we went to see her as a family. My husband and I went down to the hospital together with our two kids to possibly say goodbye to grandma. We were hoping it would cheer her up to see everyone, the baby and my son. And she did cheer up, but she was a little confused, she was very ill, and when we turned to leave the room after our visit, I felt that I could not look back at her face. I knew this might be the last time I would see her alive.

This morning, less than 2 days after we saw her, she passed away. My husband rarely receives phone calls and suddenly his phone was ringing at 6 am. So I knew something was up. He confirmed a few minutes later that his grandma had indeed passed away. I know her suffering has come to an end but I will miss her greatly. She was a great woman, who survived 2 of her children passing away before her, and her husband passing away only a few years ago from Dementia.

She has a dog named Jan, whom I am helping re-home. I have a friend interested in her and I hope things go smoothly once they meet. It’s just getting a date set up for her to meet her and take her home with her. None of our families want a dog, except me…I would LOVE to take her but my husband said no. So I did the second best thing, I found her a home. I can’t let this sweet dog go to the humane society. She was rescued from there a few years ago and Grandma Pat loved that dog dearly. So it puts me at ease to know that she will have a proper home soon.

As for everything else, we will get that settled over time. But today we spent the day at my MIL’s and FIL’s house, keeping their minds off of things by bringing the baby. They said it made a big difference and I am happy to have been able to be there for them today. My husband’s father was adopted by Grandma Pat on the day he was born. So she was the only one left of his family that he knows of. I feel his loss.

Grandma Pat, you will be missed. You always accepted me and my child into your family with open arms. You immediately called MY son your great grandson, even though he was from a previous relationship of mine. And you were there for me when I was ill and needed a ride to the hospital when no one else was around. I will cherish my memories with you.

2 Comments on “Losing a loved one today

    • I hope it works out for the dog as well – I am going to tell my friend’s sister that if things do not work out to just bring her back to me and I will always have a spot open just in case.


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