We all watch YouTube from time to time, some of us more than others, and some people like myself live and breath YouTube. My family doesn’t have cable television, we got rid of it last year (again). We actually only had cable for 2 years, we didn’t have it before because we could watch most of our shows online. And we only bought cable when we switched internet providers, but the prices kept going up (Comcast). So we ditched it. Yes we still have the internet, obviously, but I work from home and I need a fast connection. So with out cable we watch YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on our smart TVs.

I have a certain style of YouTube channels I watch, and you will see a pattern with me really quickly. But lets just jump into this!

*Please note that since I am counting “channels” and not “youtubers” some channels might be made by the same people*

Only In Japan

Only in Japan is a channel by John Daub and he seems to really enjoy showing people how life is like in Japan. He has lived in Japan for 20 years now and has great videos that highlight different attractions in Japan. I have been watching his videos for over 2 years now and I always enjoy them. In 2018 he got married to a Japanese native, and she has been frequenting his other channel “Only in Japan Go” more often.

If you are looking to learn more about Japanese Culture, see amazing sights, learn how to do certain things in Japan, check John’s Channel out HERE.

Here is John’s most recent Only In Japan video!

Here are some of John’s Links if you would like to check out his instagram, facebook, patreon, twitter, etc.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/onlyinjapantv

Facebook: http://facebook.com/onlyinjapantv

Twitter: http://twitter.com/onlyinjapantv

Patreon: http://patreon.com/onlyinjapan

Only In Japan GO

Only In Japan GO is John’s second channel, where he does Live Streams on location all around Japan. I really love the live feeds since YouTube has the chat system, and you can ask John questions Live! He’s always very polite and tries to do things that people would be interested in. You will often see the same people in the chat section every time, which is nice to see he has a great community! Go check out John’s second channel HERE!

Here is John’s most recent Only In Japan GO video

Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a British YouTuber who goes around the world and makes short videos that end up being quite fun and educational. He occasionally has his friend Matt Gray join him on trips as well. I have to admit that this channel fits into the geeky side of my personality, but I love watching his videos every time.

Watch Tom’s most recent video HERE

Simon & Martina

Simon & Martina are a married couple from Canada, who currently live in Japan for 3 years so far (Previously Korea for 7 years!). They provide videos about Japan, food, traveling, their pets, living in Japan, and I just love their personalities. They are positive, funny, and very open about any issues they have (Martina has some chronic pain, etc) and I love how they talk about it. They do live shows occasionally as well, but I always miss them! Check their channel out HERE!

Watch their most recent video here!

The Philip Defranco Show

The Philip Defranco Show has been around FOREVER! No seriously, he is an OG YouTuber. His content has only gotten better over the years. And I watch his channel for one of my news sources. I love to hear his take on popular topics, as well as reading comments left by his other viewers. Go check out his channel HERE!

Watch The Philip Defranco Show HERE!

The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out is an animated YouTube channel. The creator, James, is hilarious. He draws these comics, mostly based off his life experiences. I found him by watching his videos about how he used to work at “sooubway.” But I stayed and found that I loved the rest of his content. Check out his videos HERE!

Watch James most recent video HERE

Rachel & Jun

Rachel & Jun live in Japan and create videos about Japan, their cats, food, etc. Jun has his own cooking channel HERE that is pretty amazing itself. And they have an Adventure channel as well HERE. I love this channel because it often highlights how different these two are, Rachel is from America and Jun is a native Japanese. They met when Rachel came to Japan for her job (in the military) and they fell in love. I love their story and seeing how life is like for them, they do travel back to the states and I love seeing Jun’s reaction to American life as well.

Here is their most recent video

Have you seen the trend yet? Yea if you haven’t figured it out yet, wait until you see the NEXT channel!

ABroad In Japan

ABroad In Japan is actually one of my favorite channels. If you haven’t figured it out, I really enjoy travel channels, especially those about Japan. This channel is by a British YouTuber, Chris Broad. He is very different from the other YouTubers that live in Japan, he tends to be more sarcastic funny. He has his friends join him in his videos and currently he has videos being posted about him cycling across japan! Go check out his channel HERE!

Watch Chris’s latest video HERE!

Emmy Made In Japan

Emmy Made In Japan is a channel by Emmy. I initially found her from her videos on Military Rations!

Emmy also does videos about retro recipes, weird fruits, she has a bee hive! She just has various videos for everyone to watch. While I love watching her videos, my husband thinks she is annoying, I love playing her videos with the volume up around him, since he always asks me what she is cooking next. I have been watching her channel for a few years now and yes, some of the foods she makes is weird, but that’s the point, to try these out! Check out her channel HERE!

Pretty Pastel Please

Pretty Pastel Please is a cute channel run by Alex. Alex orders mostly clothes and make up from various websites, like wish and reviews them on YouTube. I found this channel about a year ago and her channel has been growing every since. She has this cute bird named Archie and he is featured in almost all of her videos. #TheBirdStays #TeamArchie . I know this channel may not seem like something I would watch, but I enjoy getting to see how these website’s product really looks like. Check out her channel HERE!

Now of course I watch more than just these 10 youtubers, but if I listed them all, the list would be over 70 channels. These few YouTubers are the ones I just find myself watching the MOST.

Who do you watch? Why ? And do you have any recommended channels for me to watch?

2 Comments on “My top 10 favorite YouTube Channels

  1. Well… I must say, you like Japan 😁 I never heard any of those channel buy I’ll check them out, they sound very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love love love Japan. I’m trying to talk my husband into letting us save up to travel there eventually. That and Germany. I’d really love to see Germany.

      Liked by 1 person

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