I have heard a lot of different things about the company IPSY and their monthly bags, but I wanted to try this for myself .

*This is NOT a paid promotion, I bought this monthly bag MYSELF, with my own money and am not being paid for this post*

I ordered my first bag in mid-February, and the Ipsy website notified me that since I was ordering AFTER the 10th of the month, that my bag would not be sent until March. That’s fine. I considered this a birthday gift to myself instead. So I ordered away and waited.

Honestly the waiting was the hardest part of this. I really don’t know what kind of make up I like, since I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. But I heard that this is a great way to TRY different products with out paying full price. I did know in advance that the products would not be full size, and I am fine with that, it’s $10 a month.


So when you sign up for IPSY, they make you take a small quiz. This quiz lets you give them more information about what you are interested in, what brands you like, and your skin tone. I picked a bunch of random brands since I honestly do not know what I like, and I gave my best answer for my skin tone.

Above are the skin tones they apparently offer, so if your skin tone is not on this list then IPSY may not be for you. I fall in the Medium to Tan range, but I believe I chose medium since my face is less tan than my skin everywhere else on my body.

Ipsy also asks you what color your eyes are. I am guessing this is to help pick eye shadows that will match your eyes best. I am pretty plain and I have brown eyes.

Of course they are going to ask you what your hair color is, and again… I have dark brown hair right now.

Now this is what I liked, they ask you HOW comfortable you are with make up. You should already know my answer if you read my post so far.

This is where they got me. I feel since I wrote I sucked at make up that they should have given me the option to *pick random make up brand* since I only recognize about 2 of these brands.

I love this option above. Since I do not do my brows, I opted to say rarely, and I got to tell them which products I would prefer to get more often! I liked this section a lot. The list is longer than this too, I just can’t screen shot the ENTIRE PAGE.

They go on to ask you about your preferences in perfume, what stores you generally shop at, what your skin care concerns are, what kind of hair you have, and with that information they try to personalize your monthly IPSY bag.

My MARCH Glam Bag!

The website DOES notify you that your bag is being made and it does show you what you are getting in advance. I admit I did peek. So the above is what I received this month!


The products were exactly what I expected and they were pretty nice. I received a highlighter, which I am not used to using so I am getting used to that but I feel the colors they chose for me and the products were pretty spot on. The pink/white container is a hair product that you leave in your hair. I have not gotten to try that out yet. But I have tried out the make up products and they all went on smoothly and the brush felt soft.

I really liked the eye shadow they sent me, its actually a color I would have picked myself, and I don’t use mascara often but tried it out today and it worked amazing, my lashes looked a lot longer and more bold. I do wish that the highlighter would have come in an actual case instead of the flimsy clear plastic container, but I will just keep it in it’s box to protect it more.

I hear you get a “bag” every month, which I am not sure how I feel about that. I think eventually I will get bored of the bags, but right now I did need a new one. I am going to continue receiving the IPSY monthly bag for now, and see if I continue to enjoy the products they are sending me. You can add items to your bag as well, for an extra cost. And I am pretty sure it gave me the option to change my items before they sent the bag out, I could be wrong but I vaguely remember an email I got from them to take a peek at my bag.

Have YOU gotten an Ipsy bag? What did you think of the products they sent you? I personally think this would be a great gift for teens, since you get to try a bunch of new products, and the price is just right for me!

If you would like to try out Ipsy, click on my referral link HERE.

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