At the beginning of each month I get a friendly notification that I have 1 audible credit, ready for me to use at the beginning of the month. Sometimes, I have a book I have been waiting on, and purchase it immediately, but other months I have to search the audible website for something new to listen to. I tweet out to my followers on twitter for suggestions.

I have been using audible for a few years now (approx. 5 years). And I have over 100 books saved up now, and here are some of my favorites! (These include kids books and adult books, as I find myself listening to books with my 10 year old son often.)

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The Septimus Heap series is a wonderful series lasting seven books: Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, Darke, and Fyre. This series takes place in a world where magic is real and there is dangerous activities going on, and Septimus Heap is taken from his family as a baby because he is the 7th son of a 7th son, which gives him great power. My son and I loved listening to this series together. The narrator does a great job telling Angie Sage’s story, and offers different voices for each character. I have listened to this series with my son 3 times already, and my son has read the paper back version of the book as well.

If you prefer to read the books instead of listening to them, then you can check out the paper back version of Septimus Heap on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. I can listen to him narrate practically anything. But this book was well written and really drew me in. But due to some parts in the book, I would not suggest this for small children. The story line follows a man who goes back to his childhood town and home, and runs into someone from his past – which brings back all his memories of his childhood and a dear friend Lettie. His childhood was no where near normal, and this story follows the time that he met Lettie and her family after some unfortunate events.

If you prefer to read your books instead of listening to them, check out this book on Amazon by clicking here.

Elon Musk – By Ashlee Vance

I generally don’t listen to books about other people, so this book will stand out in this list, but I have to admit that this book was great. I enjoyed learning about Elon Musk’s life and admire the work he puts into Tesla, Space X, and PayPal.

If you prefer to read the paper back version of Elon Musk head over to Amazon by clicking HERE.

The Maze Runner Series – By James Dashner

The Maze Runner book is the first book in a series of 5 books. A young man wakes up not knowing who he is, where he is, or why he was sent to a camp with other young men, where going in the maze could mean death. I loved this book more than the movie, if I am being really honest with you.

To read the paper back version of The Maze Runner series you can check it out at Amazon by clicking HERE.

Vampire Academy – By Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy was a series that Audible suggested to me, and I ended up buying the entire series (and the spin off series Bloodlines.) In a world where Vampires are real, Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, who is a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. Something is out to get Lissa and Rose is trying to figure out how to keep her best friend safe, while falling for Dimitri, her fighting tutor at their school. This books seems to be aimed at teens, but I loved the entire series. They created a movie based off the books, but it never got past the first movie/book.

For the complete Vampire Academy series in paperback you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Bloodlines- By Richelle Mead

“The first book in Richelle Mead’s teen fiction series – set in the same world as Vampire Academy. When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.”

This book is filled with Romance, betrayal, and revisits characters from the above mentioned Vampire Academy. This series was a bit more steamy with the love story between two characters, involving forbidden love between a vampire and an alchemist. I really loved this series.

To buy the paperback version of this book series, you can check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Furiously Happy – By Jenny Lawson

Furiously Happy is book #2 by Jenny Lawson. Jenny Lawson is an amazing author who writes about her struggles with mental illness/depression and awkward moments in her life in Texas. I found myself relating to Jenny Lawson so many times, laughing, crying and just feeling like I was not alone anymore while listening to this book. I have since bought this book for a few of my friends, who have both loved it as well. She narrates the book herself, which I love, because authors tend to read their books better in general.

To check out this book on Amazon, click HERE.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – By Jenny Lawson

Let’s Pretend this never happened is book 1 by Jenny Lawson. Jenny Lawson wrote this “mostly true memoir” about her life with depression, her struggles through life and sometimes hilarious crazy antics. She has a popular twitter account and she has a blog she updates regularly called “The Bloggess” .

To check out this book on Amazon, click HERE

InterWorld – By Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

A boy named Joey finds out he can walk between worlds, and finds different versions of himself. He ends up joining an army, made of different versions of himself once he finds out something is out to get him to take his ability to walk between worlds. This book series is pretty good and is 3 books long, it is kid friendly and my son enjoyed listening to it with me.

To check out Interworld in paperback format check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain- by Richard Roberts

This series is about a young girl named Penny Akk who has superhero parents but finds herself in the path of becoming a supervillain once she starts to discover her own powers. One thing leads to another and she ends up creating a supervillain group with her two best friends, while trying to clear her name before her parents find out what she has been up to.

My son LOVES this series, we bought him all of the books (there are 6 books in the series.) And once he reads one book, we buy the audible book so we can listen to it together. The narrator did an amazing job performing this book.

Check out this book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Those are my favorite books/series. What is your favorite book? Do you use audible? I am always looking to find new books so comment a few of your favorite books so I can check them out! I prefer audible books so that I can listen to them while I work.

*This post contains affiliated links, if you decide to purchase any books from the affiliated links I may make some money from the sale, this money helps me maintain my blog and pays for my domain name*

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