Happy Birthday to ME!

That’s right! Today I turn 34 years old! I started feeling older recently, when I noticed fine lines around my eyes. I have always looked a little younger than I really am, but age is finally catching up to me. And I am sort of fine with it. Everyone else is aging around me and I know I am not the only one looking and feeling older. Go me!

So for my birthday, I am asking anyone who wants to make a donation to my Grandma’s Go Fund Me page to donate 🙂 I am giving TWO options on how to donate; either through the go fund me link OR via my paypal. I am going to mail all money over to my aunt who is in charge of my grandma’s funds this week. I already got one donation from a friend – who chose to use PayPal due to issues with GoFundMe – so here are the options below if you would like to help my grandma out – also the gofundme message so you know why she needs help.

To make a go fund me donation go to https://www.gofundme.com/donna-siegwart-fund

So the link to the go fund me is at https://www.gofundme.com/donna-siegwart-fund

If for any reason you would like to donate directly to me, you can use my pay pal link instead. https://www.paypal.me/donnahamlet

I recently spoke to my aunt about my grandma. My poor grandma has facial cancer and alzheimer’s. So we won’t be posting any new photos of her online, per my aunt, she wouldn’t want to be shown that way on the internet. I understand. I love my grandma, I was actually named after her. My name is her name, until I got married. And now I have a new last name.

You don’t have to donate but if you would like to send any birthday wishes please comment on this post or email me @ MyOnlySecretBlog@Gmail.com

Thank you to anyone who can help my grandma out during her last years around.


4 Comments on “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy late birthday to you! I am so sorry about your grandma 💕


    • Thank you – it’s sad to see someone you love go through these changes. But my amazing Aunt is making sure she gets all the proper care she requires, which I am so thankful for.

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  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! I am so sorry about your Grandmother, my Grandfather and my father-in-law both had Altzheimer’s, it isn’t easy I know. ((((hugs))))


    • Thank you. Yes its hard to see someone you love forget everything, literally everything, even their own name. We went through it with my husband’s grandfather as well 😦


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