The mystery of the missing screw. My Irish Terrier (Photo above) with my daughter at the Vet. My dog ate part of a helicopter toy the other day, it was a wooden toy and I was not very nervous about her passing that toy until my husband mentioned that the screw that was roughly an inch long and had a hook on the end was missing and that the dog must have eaten that as well. I looked all around the house for the screw, and did not find it. Great…

So for two days I watched how my dog behaved, I checked her poop and nothing happened. Finally she started waking me up at night to pee non stop, so we took her to the vet for an x-ray. The vet also checked the dog’s urine as well since she has been peeing every 2 hours at night.

Finally, at the vet’s office they took the x-rays and I mentioned the change to her bathroom schedule and they decided it would be smart to do a urine sample as well. $382 later, and we found out she either spit out the screw or passed it already with out me noticing. So that is great news, but her urine sample did come back positive for a UTI. So she is now on antibiotics for 2 weeks to clear up the infection.

The vet is not cheap but I am a strong believer that if you own an animal, you should always have enough money to pay for vet bills. It’s my job to keep these lovelies alive and healthy. I understand being in a rut, but I would not feel okay not getting help for my pets from the vet. Always see if the vets have a payment plan, some will offer assistance.

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