If you follow me on twitter, you may know my son has ADHD, a Mood Disorder, a Sensory Processing Disorder, and his doctor recently suggested we get him tested for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). So we contacted the facility she suggested us to go to and they do not accept my insurance. So I called a few other places in town and most have a wait list ranging from 1 year to 2 years. So I talked to my son’s school and they said they could test him in January of this year. Well January came and went so I contacted the school again in February and they scheduled him for testing last week. The woman testing my son emailed me and said she would be calling me with details and her report this week.

So I am playing the waiting game. I am going to email her and ask when she wanted to discuss the results, my family and I notice traits he has that just suggest a very very mild ASD. But we could be wrong. That’s what the testing is for. We are hoping she will be able to shed some light on the situation and help us with our son.

We are planning on pulling him from public school at the end of 5th grade and home school him for a bit to see if that helps him. He likes to work in a quiet space. At school they have his desk away from all the other kids in special education, surrounded by a wall pretty much. So he can work alone.

I want to find out how I can help my child. I am learning every day, how to handle him, his outbursts and how to help him learn to communicate with people. He doesn’t seem to care about people’s emotions and often seems disconnected from things. But then he goes out and impresses everyone by reading tons of books that are a few years above his grade level. I am so thankful he loves to read.

But having a child like this is very stressing, both on me as a parent and a wife. My husband is his step dad. His real dad doesn’t seem to grasp this problem. He has suggested in the past to take our son off all of his meds. Heck no, this kid cannot function with out some sort of medication. He hates it when he is not medicated as well. He says he can’t sit still, he can’t sleep well, etc. It is not fair for him to suffer when there are ways to help him.

But I am the custodial parent – so I handle the medication and therapy. He sees his dad for a month in the summers (his choice not mine, he has more rights but this is when he asks for him). I think being able to home school my son will help me understand what he needs. We have discussed it and he is up for learning at home. He is excited that I will be able to take him on more field trips to the zoo and we can go library days as well.

I am really hoping the school is able to help me out more with this. BIPs and IEPs only help so much. And everyone has to follow the rules and that doesn’t always happen. I have to advocate for my son. I have to advocate for him to get a better education because he was slipping through the cracks for a while, until I finally started to push back.

I will let you all know the results. He may not even fall on the spectrum. But his doctor last year decided it would be best to test him. Maybe the school will have gotten more information on how to handle his adhd or mood disorder. Who knows.

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