Well today was just a nice day – I didn’t get any house cleaning done – so tomorrow I will be doing most of that. But I did get to spend some time with my daughter and my husband. My son was at school, so later on he and I went out in the snow to get dinner. I didn’t feel much like cooking and we like to get out of the house.

It started snowing around 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon. I was not really expecting it to snow, because this is Albuquerque. But this town has been seeing an increasing amount of snow this winter. Not a lot, but more than usual. We got maybe an inch where I live, but it will likely be gone by noon tomorrow. And that’s fine.

Snow in Albuquerque, NM

I received a text from my neighbor across the street today. Notifying me that the neighbor to the left of my house will no longer be living there because he will be going to a senior care home. The older gentleman was in his late 90s and he has dementia. We all knew he had dementia and that it was getting worse, but his daughter came to his house regularly, he had meals delivered to him from meals on wheels, and he had a dog named Cedar.

Now, today when I texted my neighbor back about when our other neighbor would be moving, I mentioned how I hoped they found a home for Cedar the dog. And now I feel horrible, because he notified me that Cedar passed away MONTHS AGO! Oh my goodness, I was never told and I just assumed she was alive. Ugh…. Stupid me.

So now that the neighbor to the left of us has moved out, let me tell you why I am anxious lately. Last month, the neighbor to the RIGHT of us, passed away suddenly. I mean she was elderly, but she’s gone as well. We do not have NEXT DOOR neighbors, we literally only have a “behind neighbor” and “across the street neighbors” now. And that means we will get two new neighbors, hopefully this year, but we hope someone nice and hopefully not loud or messy. We live in an ‘established’ neighborhood. Most of our neighbors are 50-90 years of age. So, only time will tell what kind of people will move into our neighborhood.

I like my older neighbors. I can trust them to keep an eye out for crime. And when I had my baby, and was feeling sick, they brought me food. I am very thankful for my neighbors.

Here is me. Yup

The above photo is me – today, when if first started to snow. I don’t wear make up often, because I am a SAHM, and I also work from home part time. And it’s a real job too – no none of that selling stuff from home, sorry gals, I am not social enough to do that kind of job. I work for a hospital, as a medical coder. I love my job, but I can only do it part time right now due to my childrens’ needs.

Last week my daughter started to refuse pureed foods, she’s 14 months old but she had an immature gag reflux and would choke on everything, until THIS WEEK. All of a sudden, she’s doing fine. She can chew foods that used to make her choke or throw up from her gag. I am so happy she is growing out of some of these issues. This weekend we are going to bring her pureed foods over to my husband’s aunt’s house to give to his cousin, since they have a child who is a bit younger than ours.

I mean look at this kid eat real food! I am so proud!

All in all, this was a good day. Sure I might have gotten nothing done. But I had a lovely day with my family. We went food shopping, I got to spend time with my husband, my son was well behaved, etc. Hopefully we can keep this weekend going strong with all these good vibes.

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