I recently received some amazing dog toys for my Irish Terrier, Gwendolyn from https://petqwerks.com ! And I must say, I am impressed with the quality of the toys! My dog is a tough chewer and the toys I gave her are lasting!

Here is a sample of what we received! (Flowers not included, those were from my Valentine’s Day)

Gwendolyn has a few favorite toys so far, and those would be the pickle on a rope & the Flavorit. I knew the “It’s a Dilly” would be a hit with Gwen since she loves to tug, and since the pickle squeaks, it gets her attention very quickly. She has not punctured it or broken the rope yet, which was surprising to me since she tends to destroy toys. But I love that she loves this toy. The Flavorit has actually been her favorite toy, since she is a chewer. The directions say I could put some peanut butter in the little holes and so we did that, and she has not put that chew toy down since getting it.

We also enjoyed the Babble Ball, since it makes noise and gets dogs interested in it by lighting up as well! We loved the bark bone and I have to admit, my kids actually enjoyed the Incredibubbles. The bubbles are peanut butter flavored but they don’t pop right away like normal bubbles, and they are really fun to use! My dog would go around licking them up once we were done playing with them!

Gwen, being the chewer that she is, also enjoyed the Bark Bone as well. She has been keeping herself busy with a new toy each day.

Gwen with her pickle πŸ™‚ from https://petqwerks.com

If you would like to check out Pet Qwerks Toys please use my promotional link below:


And remember to use promo code MYONLYSECRET at check out to save 25% off your purchase.

Their prices are great and their products live up to my expectations for my tough chewer of a dog! We loved all of the toys we received, but obviously, Gwen has her favorites!

For more discounts through DealSpotr check out the below link:


Or check out Pet Qwerks directly at their website https://petqwerks.com

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