14 months old & an urgent care visit

This weekend has been rough – sorry for the lack of updates. My daughter turned 14 months old today, hooray! But we have been busy at home. Today my daughter got her leg caught in the crib (between the bars) and it took me a few minutes to shimmy her leg out all while she screamed her head off. A little later she fell off her changing table, head first, onto the hard floor. (Yeah that sucked.)

She has a bump on her forehead and rug burn on her nose

We took Lily to urgent care to rule out any major damages – we knew she had a roughened up nose and some bumps, but thankfully we have confirmed she has NO concussion. Thankfully.

The doctor took a look at her rash/hives though and said it might be eczema. But then when I mentioned it just flared up this last week – and is kind of all over her body (showed her the other spots). The doctor agreed it looked more like food allergies. They suggested talking to our PCP to see if we could get a blood draw to test for more allergies.

In the mean time I have been trying out some products I will be promoting soon on my blog here – cannot wait to share them with you ! I have been working on my own health lately – my anxiety, my weight, just my over all general health.

I will be posting photos on my instagram of lily’s 14 month photoshoot tomorrow. I have not had time to edit them due to the urgent care visit. Check out my Instagram for updates almost daily @ Bellus.Terra . You can also find my instagram feed on the side of my blog.


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