This morning Lily’s occupational therapist and the care coordinator came over for an evaluation and to plan out the next few months for Lily. We are going to continue 1x a week visits on Tuesdays and we updated our goals. We are hoping to get Lily to crawl on her knees and hands by April. Right now at almost 14 months old she is 25% behind on many of the average toddler’s goals. So we will work on crawling and standing these next few months with a long term goal of her walking in July/August.

We did decide to not do Aqua Therapy yet. I think her OT wants to work specifically on crawling first before we do anything else, and I agree with her on this for now. Plus in the summer we have a pool anyways so I will be taking Lily out to our own pool soon anyways.

Today is day three using Lily’s new food diary. So far I find myself having to print out ingredients lists since so many of these foods she is trying have so many ingredients. Now I have had people tell me to make all of my baby food but sometimes I can’t get fresh guavas or oranges, so I use the jar food so I can trial some of these foods with my daughter.

I do make about 1/4 of her foods myself.

Lily amazes me every day – today at Occupational Therapy she showed the OT that she can say “UP” when prompted. She did how ever, wait to say Buh Bye to the therapist until she was outside of the door. She clearly said “buh bye” because the OT was waving and saying “buh bye” to her before she left but she refused to wave at them. Silly baby.

Lily did say BYE once before – at the grocery store – to a random person. It’s just too cute how she is starting to talk finally at almost 14 months. But we are finally seeing progress, so that makes me hopeful.

Free Little Library near the Elementary School

I have been meaning to post about this little library for a few days now! I found it near my son’s school! I have been trading out old books and getting new ones there for the kids for a little over a month now. The house’s owner waved hello to us last time we were there, she said to take as many books as we would like. I let her know since we walk that way to school that we would be coming by often.

Do you have a little library in your town or neighborhood?

2 Comments on “Making goals in Occupational Therapy

  1. I LOVE the tiny little library. What a fantastic gift to the neighborhood. In my little beach town I lived in Mexico we had one and I loved picking up a random book to read at the beach!
    Amanda –


    • Isn’t it just great? I found a few in my neighborhood and near my son’s school. I try to take him to them bc most have two sections, kids books and adult books. I get so excited to exchange books.


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