Aqua Therapy

Today my daughter’s Occupational Therapist asked me if we would be interested in taking Lily to a therapy pool once a week. I asked her what the benefits would be for my daughter’s condition and she said ” It’s language rich, gross & fine motor, sensory integration, cognitive, and problem solving.” Those are her exact words.

I am not against aqua therapy, but I only want to go if they really think it will help her. If we decide to attend, we would be going mid-day and I would need to get us both swim suits, which I have not done yet because it’s only February! I also need to hunt down some swim diapers, which last year it took a few stores to find some at this season.

Sounds like a pretty neat pool

Tomorrow the OT is coming over and we will discuss the option of pool therapy more to see if it is right for us. We currently do at home one on one therapy, so this would be a change – I would have to drive somewhere downtown and make sure to have nap time all done by that time of day. I would also need to make sure she is fed and that I leave myself enough time to get back home to get my son from school.

I looked into the pool and its heated – it has a ramp to get in ,etc. So it seems safe from the information provided on the pools website. I don’t have any personal experience with aqua therapy – so I don’t know what to expect. I especially do not know what to expect with a nearly 14 month old going to aqua therapy. Let me know your thoughts…. have you had to go to Aqua therapy?


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