Daily life – Daily food logs for the baby

Well, it finally happened… I have decided to make a daily food log for my smallest child, Lily. She is the one I write about having FPIES (the food allergy) and I have kept mental notes of all the foods she can’t have but this past week she has had skin related allergy symptoms. This is new to us, because usually her food allergies caused vomiting and diarrhea. But I can’t tell what is causing her rash on her back,arms and face. So here is how I am tracking her food intake !

My daughter’s personal food log

Now I did look online for examples of food logs but none of them followed exactly what we needed for a toddler. So I took ideas from others and made my own daily log for her. I printed a bunch of them up to test for the next week and when we finally see the doctor, then we can bring this with us! Now we are still waiting for the PCP to send us the referral. I might call them this week since it’s been a week and they said it would take 2 days to write the referral and then they would call me for the insurance information since we have new insurance this year.

My husband brought up a good point this morning… I noticed some redness on my daughter’s face after she ate a fresh banana. Well, she’s 13 months old and has really only eaten banana from a jar because of her swallowing issues… and the other day she ate a real one – not processed. Could she be reacting to bananas? Her grandfather is allergic to bananas and I forgot this information since she has done well on jar bananas. Well we will see- I am going to try bananas tomorrow again, fresh.

Below is her reaction yesterday – this is her back by the way and her face when it was red the other night – her back has been like this for two days. Her face got better a little but flares up every now and then. Some friends online suggested maybe changing her detergent – which I am going to do.

Wish me luck! This has been showing up for a few days now and I can only think of bananas as being the issue… but who knows. Maybe the food log will help me find the exact cause of her redness. The back redness was much worse the other night.

This is her normally – no red face (just some scratches from her sharp little baby nails)

If you have any experience with food logs for toddlers or babies and would like to share any helpful information please comment on this post! I would love any helpful information!


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