This week my mother came into town to spend time with me and my children. It’s been nice to have her help around the house as well as her help with the children. She and my son went out to the movies to watch “The kid who would be king,” and I hear it was a good movie.

The little cakes I made in my last post turned out great!

I got a lot done yesterday and today. I did something I hate doing, I went bra shopping. I gained a lot of weight in my pregnancy with my baby girl and losing the weight is not easy. I am out of shape and I need to get rid of this weight, and trying on bras made me feel even worse. But I did find bras that fit me and I am going to be dieting this coming week – and I am trying to find time to work out.

Today though, my mother took me out to lunch, which was nice. We don’t go out often since she lives so far away from me.

Photos above are of Lily at lunch. She was really excited to be there and got to sit in the high chair now that she is getting stronger.

Today was also her Occupational/Physical Therapy. She is doing great lately, it gives me hope that maybe she will walk soon, or even crawl better and for longer distances soon.

Lillian receives therapy at home. We have received these services for a year now since she was born early and born underweight. The services are great- we receive them weekly and they work on her ability to crawl and do other things babies her age are doing. We are experiencing some developmental delay but we are going to catch up eventually.

Lillian has been trying to call me MAMAMA and her dad, DADADA. She hasn’t figured out the shortening of that name yet, but tonight she did learn the word, UP. I have been trying to say the words to her that I want her to learn, when we are doing tasks. She wanted me to pick her up, so I repeated “UP ” to her until she said it, and then I picked her up and praised her. We repeated this a few times until she started saying “up” with out me needing to say it to her. This is a big step for us.

When your child is behind on certain things – these little steps mean so so so much. I get frustrated when people ask me why she can’t walk, or if she will ever walk. Not all babies walk by a year old. Some take longer. Yes she has trouble crawling but she also used to have torticollis. We are taking things step by step with her.

As for my dog – the training with her is going well. She is doing better in our general living space lately and requires less observation. I have been working again for my short 4 hour shifts – and it feels nice being able to do things like that. I will be doing another product review soon – I just got a digital meat thermometer from Amazon for free and I want to see if it works as well as our old one. But I am hiding it from my husband since it is going to be a gift to him since he loves to grill and smoke foods.

I will let you all know what he thinks about it once I give it to him. I also have a few more Amazon items I will likely review. I just need to sit down for an hour with the items with out a kid around me. My kids have been keeping me very busy. Today I cleaned both of our bathrooms, and washed all of the bedding for my family, including my down comforter.

I am getting tired though. Tonight it was hard to write. I feel tired, and just … I don’t know. I feel like just zoning out. I think my depression is just bothering me.

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