I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I have my 10 year old, Calvin. And I have my 13 month old, Lillian. Having children that are almost 10 years apart is not entirely too hard, but it’s not the same.

First things first – there were a lot of baby items that people invented over the past 10 years. Big surprise – 50% of them you DO NOT NEED.

So I am here to make you a list of items I found helpful – I will put links to the products on Amazon, so if you would like to purchase or check them out yourself, you have the option 🙂


Grey baby bassinet

Bassinet- I preferred to sleep with my baby in my room for 6 months and I had a bassinet like this one below, the one I have folds up, it was big enough to use up until 6 months of age, it was tall enough as well so I knew my baby could not get out. I am keeping this one for my next child – it was sturdy and easy to clean!

Bottle Warmer – I breast fed and bottle fed my second child. I worked full time so I also pumped. But Munchkin sells amazing bottle warmers. They are heated in minutes and you can set it to be the perfect temperature. The water is easy to fill, those late nights feeding were made easier by having a bottle warmer that I knew would heat up my baby’s food fast.

Pink swaddle blankets, one with just pink, one with black stars, one with black polka-dots

Adjustable swaddle blankets – I had both types of swaddle blankets, the kind with Velcro and the kind with out. THESE are the best because when your baby is screaming and you are trying to settle them, you don’t want to fuss with trying to get them in one of those huge blankets, this is easy, quick, and most come in packs of 3, which is great since most babies spit up – so they will get dirty quick. Also dads love these as well, my husband enjoyed not doing origami every time he needed to change the baby’s diaper.

Stroller/Car Seat combo – I have this exact Graco Stroller/Car Seat Combo. It came in handy when my baby was an infant, I could take her on my walks with me, and now shes old enough to fit into the regular stroller seat area. I trust Graco as a brand as well. The car seat cover comes off easy and the straps can be adjusted. This stroller is durable and I use it on my daily walks to my son’s school with my dog and baby in tow.

Purple turtle plush night light - with stars

Animal Night light – Honestly any night light will do. But I liked this one because it changed colors. It projects just enough light in the room to see what you are doing, but not too much to wake anyone up. And since it is battery operated, I moved it around the house with the baby and I. Now that she is older she has fun looking at it and the light it projects onto the ceiling. The batter life was about 1 month with continual use.

Diaper pail - white with grey edging

Dekor Diaper Pail – No seriously I love this diaper pail. I have had a diaper genie before and I prefer this one much more – it costs less, you can use your own bags in it, it does have the option of using it’s brand bags as well. But the smell of the diapers doesn’t get out much – as long as you change it when it’s full. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and a year after owning it we have had zero issues with it.

Combo Swing/Bouncer – Oh yes we have another combo item – I try to buy things that go together, and I love Graco. I have this one but in a different color – same item though. It is a must for busy moms. I felt relieved that my baby would be rocked to sleep while I finished cooking a meal for the rest of my family, or that she had something to sit in while I took a shower. The cover comes off for easy washing. The head rest goes up and down too, so your baby can lay sitting up or laying back more. We are going to keep this one for our next child as well.

Swaddles – Okay I know what you are going to say – “You already told us the Velcro swaddles were the best!” Yes yes, I know…but I use THESE as burp rags! Why? Well have you ever had a baby spit up on you? Those tiny “burp cloths” do not cover it… at least not with my kids. I use one of these swaddles for everything! That way you do not have to worry about bringing a change of clothes when bringing your baby out with you. Also – these are soft and amazing, and I also used them as swaddles for a while until I discovered the Velcro ones. I just prefer the Velcro ones since they are faster to change.

Car Seat Cover – I will agree with you all that this is SITUATIONAL. My baby was born in December and she was premature- so this item came in handy. It fit my graco car seat – it came off easily and kept my baby safe and warm from the chilly winds of New Mexico.

If you live in a warmer area – this would not be a recommended item.

A Boppy Pillow – I have had this with both of my kid. Seriously, holding a baby can hurt your back – and breast feeding can sometimes become difficult if you can’t get your baby in the correct position. My Boppy helped me with both of those issues. The NICU nurses at the hospital even suggested I go out and buy one if I didn’t already. If it gets dirty you can either use a cover on it, or you can do what I do and just toss it in the wash. It comes in handy later as well when your baby is starting to sit up, you can position this around them. It helped my little one not fall over as easily.

Now those are my top 10 items that I pretty much used every day. I left off bottle brands, and a crib because those can vary depending on your needs. My baby went through 3 different bottle brands before we found one that worked with her reflux issues. And our crib we got at Target, when they had a sale going on. I can make a post about those items if you would like – I just need to know that people actually want to hear what I did.

A few items I have seen online that you do NOT need are:

Bottle stirrers – NO seriously these exist. It like a hand held blender you put in the bottle to mix up formula…. I just shake my bottles gently and we are fine, no need to get another item dirty for me to wash every 2 -3 hours.

Bumbo Seat – I have actually had doctors tell me not to use this item because it can cause issues with babies learning how to sit up properly, they are also not secured to anything so if you baby decides to tip it over – they can fall with no way to turn themselves to not get hurt. It is a bit unnatural for me.

Wipe Warmer – unless you live in subzero conditions this is just a waste of money. My baby doesn’t cry about her wipes being too cold. I heard from a friend that mold can grow in these containers as well. Just count me out on this luxury item.

Baby Face Wipes – okay – so these are wipes for your face. I just use the butt wipes. I don’t see a point in carrying around two different kind of wipes. I have had multiple moms agree – the less in your bag the easier it is to carry and also not lose things in it.

Obviously 10 items isn’t going to cover everything you need for your baby – I will make another post soon about what items are needed in your baby bag 🙂 I have baby bag preferences and I would love to share with you what I personally keep in my bag!

What items did you buy for your baby that you thought were the best? Would you recommend any for my next list? What items do you regret buying or asking for on your wish list? Share any fun, weird, interesting baby items with me in the comments section! :0)

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something through my links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them.

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