This isn’t new news. My grandmother, the woman I was named after, has Alzheimer’s. The last time I saw her was in 2014, after her husband passed away. We went to the memorial and she did not recognize me at all, or my brother. But she was still a happy woman, she let me take a photo with her and give her a hug. She then told me that the man I was standing near looked like he would be a good match for me (and suggested we should date), that man was my brother…. well we got a good laugh out of that later on. She is a sweet woman.

My Grandmother, Donna Siegwart.

But it’s been a few years and some financial issues have popped up. My Aunt Bev is taking care of grandma now (her mother) and due to some technicalities, she does not qualify for medicare. … I know my Aunt Bev and family were trying to resolve the issue but that leaves my grandma with out proper care. She used to stay in a facility that would care for her 24/7, for Alzheimer’s patients but my family can no longer afford that care. So my Aunt, who is retired herself along with her husband, now take care of my grandma themselves, which is proving to be hard on them.

Her care is costly and they need assistance with this task.

So I am going to pass this link on to you all – and ask that if anyone can make a donation to my grandmother’s care – it would be very helpful to my family and I. I personally donate monthly via her bank account – my husband and I set up a direct transfer to help her out – but my family goes have a gofundme page set up to help her, so if you would like to donate or retweet – or forward this link on, please do.

Click here to go to the gofundme page:

This is my family, my grandma is the one in the middle with the black hat on, and im the one in the black and white striped coat with the blue scarf. This was in 2014, the last time I really got to see her (I live states away)

I hope someday they find a solid cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I have seen a few people who have it and it is hard to see someone lose their memories and functions. It’s hard because I don’t live closer to my family to help them more, and it’s hard knowing they are struggling to let her live out her final years with the help she deserves and needs to much.

Do you struggle with a similar issue? Do you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

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