Well it finally happened. My son’s pediatric dentist referred us to an orthodontist for a consultation. Today was our initial visit, and honestly I am not that shocked about what the plan is.

This is a pano x-ray of my son’s teeth. He’s 10, so yes he is retaining teeth and he’s also missing teeth, and don’t forget those canines up top that are not supposed to be that high up.

The pediatric dentist made the referral, I suggested my son to see MY orthodontist…You read me right. I had braces up until 2016. So I am very familiar with what goes into having work done on my teeth. I figured that my son would need work done eventually, since his teeth look exactly like mine.

He had a little fun when they had to take photos of his teeth

As you can see, my son, who is 10 years old is retaining teeth. He hasn’t lost many baby teeth, and if you look at the very top of his x-rays he has his canine teeth ALL the way up there. This is sort of what my teeth did. Except… he is missing his top lateral incisors. Yep. So we have some issues already. But with proper orthodontic care he can have a lovely smile when he gets older.

He is pointing at those canines that are way up there in his mouth

Currently, the orthodontist has decided that we will give my son half a year to see if any of his teeth change or fall out. Which is a good idea since he is only 10 years old. But after this summer, if his teeth have not changed, we will decide on pulling teeth or making any other changes.

The only issue I see us having with getting braces or doing any extensive dental work done is the fact that my son has sensory processing issues and ADHD. He had a really hard time sitting still just for this visit – but in all fairness he did run out of his ADHD pills. We might do better next time around in the summer.

It was great to see everyone in the office again – they did remember me. It was great to know that my son will be in good hands when and if he gets braces or has work done. I would like him to get this done while he is young, so he won’t go through the embarrassment I went through as an adult with braces.

The orthodontist looking at my son’s teeth on the screen
Options options options… I had the metal ones when I had braces, they weren’t too bad.

We are scheduled in July to see where we will go with this. I suggested to them that we might just pull those teeth because I didn’t lose my teeth even in my 20s. I had 4 baby teeth pulled and 4 wisdom teeth taken, and one tooth that refused to come down and had to be pulled down, and one baby tooth that has no adult tooth under it…. so my son’s teeth are not really a surprise.

Oh and get this, I found out that my son’s dad is missing 3 of his wisdom teeth too! So go figure, he is missing teeth! Braces do cost a lot but we can do this.

If you have any issues with your teeth, take care of them. Oral health is important.

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