I thought today was Monday…

Today I woke up and rushed out of bed to wake my son up for homeschool. We run on a schedule because my son’s adjustment disorder and ADHD really rely on a schedule. Our day can go to hell in a basket really quickly if I don’t follow a schedule. I remembered that today I had work as well, and since work kept emailing me about some of the systems being down, I was not looking forward to clocking in. As I walked out to the kitchen, I noticed my husband sitting in his chair, not working…

I had already woken up my son at 7 am…. poor kid didn’t get to sleep in on a Sunday it seems. And I didn’t have to go to work. So I ran back into his room and let him know that he did not have school today and that he could go back to bed. I was relieved, mostly because I actually didn’t want to work today. I thought the weekend felt too short. I just have no concept of days anymore. I have worked from home for 4 years now. I have homeschooled for a year and a half now. And now with my husband HOME all the time, and not being able to go out on weekends, I just honestly lose track of my days.

I wouldn’t mind going back to work full time, if it wasn’t for my kids. I just can’t do that AND homeschool AND be a baby sitter. Like my son needs my attention. My daughter is doing better with PT since I stopped working full time. She was very behind before I stopped. My job is fairly easy, which is why I can still do it a few days a week as needed.

The weekends pass us by too quickly. I am just so done with being confined. I want to take my family out on a road trip but I know that isn’t possible right now. It sucks, because I am an introvert and I honestly don’t like to go out much but when I do, it means I really need it. Instead we have been filling our time with hikes or walks at the park. We have used our pool more this year than any year combined. Which is great because we did spend a lot of money 2 years ago to fix it up.

We both don’t have any local friends (I have like 2). So we aren’t missing out on any “get togethers” really. I miss having lunch with my friend but I mean other than that, we had our own lives. I do miss seeing my mom and being able to go to her home or out to see my grandma. My grandma is in a nursing home so that’s off limits.

We are waiting for my uncle’s head stone to get here so we can install it sometime in September. We are hoping for cooler weather so that we don’t over heat the day we go out to install it. I am not looking forward to that date. I am so tired of cooking, so my husband finally allowed me to get take out food for the first time since March 8th. Yep we have waited that long…half because of COVID, half because that’s when we all got food poisoning the day BEFORE my birthday… YEP…

Welp, today is going much better now that it’s Sunday and not Monday. But that just reminded me that tomorrow is Monday….ugh.

Things are going to get repetitive …

Yes, we went back to the zoo again. You are going to find that with COVID going on, a lot of our “NORMAL” locations to go to are off limits due to either high activity OR not being opened. We choose outdoor activities for the kids to enjoy to help lower the risk of getting sick. I know we still have a chance to get sick but we need to get the kids OUT of the house. Here are some photos from today!

We, of course, wear masks during the entire trip, minus while we eat. We social distanced. That’s my MIL in the photos. She is the best at making the kids have a good time. I invited her out to the zoo to join us since I know we will be going A LOT in the near future. I want to make sure to include some of my family.

If you are in Albuquerque and you have nothing to do, and you want a semi-safe activity with your kids during COVID, I would suggest the zoo or BioPark. They are monitoring people and high touch areas to make sure you are social distancing, they are enforcing masks and they have a one way path to follow through out the zoo. They have hand sanitizer stations placed around the zoo, which is very nice. And the bathrooms are very clean. Go before noon if you don’t want to burn up from the Albuquerque heat though. The animals are more active earlier in the morning. The indoor attractions are closed for the time being, such as penguins and amphibians, but that is the same for many other locations.

If you are feeling up to regular outdoor activities – you can look into our national monuments. This is the Boca Negra Canyon – part of the Petroglyph National Monument. There is a parking fee. There are tons of walks like this locally, and if you go early enough in the day, it shouldn’t be too hot. Just a heads up, look up how easy/moderate/or hard, the paths are, this one is NOT wheelchair accessible. There is a lot of climbing and I had to carry my 2 year old for half of it.

I am going to visit other locations to see if they are open and I will let you all know here when I can. I want others to know what is available to go to. If it’s hard to get to, if it costs anything… because I had been avoiding stuff for a while because I thought some locations may still be closed. Yes COVID is still happening, but you can still be safe, spend time outside with your family, mask up when you do so though.

We did wear masks while hiking up, we just took them off at the top when no one else was around because we were eating and drinking. So don’t come at me for the no-mask photos. ❤ I am PRO-MASK.

Oh yea…you might have noticed…I am posting again from my WORKING computer!!! My husband bought me a new part to replace the broken SSD. And now I can actually use MY computer! I am still waiting on the warranty replacement piece from Ibuypower though…. that they “sent out” on the 14th… and it’s currently the 25th…. *(rolls eyes)*

So I should be updating more often again. I am going to try to do more around town – homeschooling is going well, and my daughter has been potty training for over a week now. She’s doing great with minimal accidents! Potty training seemed so hard until she finally caught on to what we wanted her to do…whew.

What are you doing in your town? Are you keeping safe? Remember to social distance. Be safe. Be healthy. If you travel, please wear a mask and follow state rules. I know it is hard but we can stop COVID out.

I hate computers – sort of

Computers… you’re probably at one right now or at least on a small device shaped like a phone. I’m right aren’t I ? I am such a genious!

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. It likes to stop working, while I love it when it actually works. No, my computer isn’t old. It’s actually less than a year old. Still under warranty in-fact!

So I have mentioned it in posts before, but my computer started having issues in July and then stopped working completely. I contacted the company it was under warranty with and based off of everything I have previously tried to fix the computer with, they thought I needed a new SSD. It’s a small drive that just runs the computer, I have a much later HDD that holds all of my important information (that’s the thing that saved me.) So they said on the 14th that they would FedEx me a new SDD. Okay …so time passes and I get a notification on my phone that I was due for a FedEx delivery…except…I wasn’t because the computer company had not given my package TO FedEx yet… Ugh.

So the date came and went, while I still did not have a working computer. I was using my son’s computer to print stuff and everything I needed. Finally by the weekend my husband decided to just go out and buy me a new SSD. So I just installed it and YES it worked! So that at least confirmed that my issue was the SSD. I reinstalled windows and just tonight I got message from FedEx saying they JUST got my package and it will be here NEXT week. I am going to use the SSD that the company is sending me as a back up (I already have 2 hard drives, so I am going to add a third). I take a lot of photos…. that is my excuse.

Anyways, I am a little disappointed in the company because they kept just blaming FedEx, while FedEx kept saying the company simply did not give them the package yet. And I actually trust FedEx on this one because a customer support person had admitted to me that a lot of packages were going out late. Ugh again. Just be honest with me and tell me it will be two weeks before I get my stuff, don’t get my hopes up. This computer cost us over $1,000. It was my x-mas gift last year from my husband. It’s LESS than a year old!

Well, what ever. Everything looks fixed now. So tonight I am spending time fixing it up, downloading files. And I need to print a bunch of homeschool stuff for my son that I haven’t been able to print because every time I needed to print something I had to run the laptop back to my printer, which for some reason will not print over WiFi… I don’t have time for that stuff.

Some photos from the zoo….

The zoo opened here in Albuquerque again. Minus all the indoor activities of course, this is a COVID-19 world as we all know. But my family and I have decided that since we went to the Bio-park garden in the weeks prior that we would feel comfortable about to go to the zoo. New Mexico is a mandatory facemask state, so I am comfortable going out in open spaces more often. Note the “Open Spaces” as I write this, we still are not joining any Co-op homeschool groups or going to anything too busy. The zoo was walking the line as it was. But I may schedule more visits during the morning hours while other children are at their scheduled classes, where as we homeschool and can make our own schedule. Yes the kids in our area are online schooling currently but – they still have a schedule to follow.

Don’t mind the few photos of my daughter with out a mask. We were eating lunch away from everyone else. We brought wipes to wipe down anything as well. But that was the zoo. We had to follow a one way path and we got to see most of the animals, minus any indoor attractions like the penguins. We miss the penguins.

Another thing going great is POTTY TRAINING… I know right? I can’t believe it either but I found my daughter’s weak spot….SWEDISH FISH…my daughter fucking loves them. So I started to offer them as a treat for going potty and today she make a break through and she has started consistently going in the potty. So I am working on getting her trained full time, I hope we are going in the right direction with her. She is 2 1/2 and my husband really hates it when anything I change makes her cry…she’s a daddy’s girl. But she needs to learn and she is getting it finally.

We had movie night (like we do now) on Saturday night. It has been great setting up something we do weekly. Since COVID our family life has just been changing to fit how our world now works. Yes, we homeschooled before hand but my daughter’s therapists and my son’s dr appointments have all been changed now. I was going to get my son into horse care/ riding and that was cancelled because of COVID. I am still waiting for the horse place to eventually open again- as it holds classes for homeschoolers, and I would like my son to meet more kids.

My daughter may do HIPPOTHERAPY eventually but I have not heard from the facility yet that she has been referred to. Tomorrow she has her YEARLY GI visit via video chat. Nothing new is going on with her allergies, we just want to keep this doctor in the loop and continue our care with him. If we don’t see him, and we end up needing him, we could be SOL while waiting for a new appointment. So a small visit online should keep us as his patient.

We have not scheduled our yearly appointment with the allergist yet, we were supposed to schedule a food trial but I don’t even know if they are doing that during COVID. I don’t even feel like calling the clinic since they are a pain to deal with. The allergist we see if very special, shes pretty much the only one in the area that understands FPIES. And she only works one day a week…… yeah…. at least at the clinic we see her at. So she is harder to get into….

I can’t remember if I have mentioned our fish tank or not. We have had it for a month now and oh my god look at that plant growth! We have had the fish for a bit over a week. They are great fish and I am so happy we started this project with my son. He loves it and it gives him something to look after. Though I need to go in and cut some of those plants back…I didn’t realize they grown 5 inches a week….. I am seriously not even kidding I could start my own plant selling business!

Oh and homeschooling? It’s still going great.

Potty training hell & School photos

Let’s see…whats new…? Well, yesterday I started hardcore potty training with my 2 year old. So the only time she is allowed to have a diaper is when she is napping or asleep for the night. We don’t go out with her often, so that’s not too much of an issue right now. But she is resisting training right now, she will hold it in until she wets herself or she will hold it in until I put a diaper on her. Eventually she will be potty trained, but right now we are going through what I refer to as “Potty training HELL”.

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will know about the new china cabinet I bought this week! I tend to buy things I like when I see them, but this is not too often. I have been looking for a china cabinet to fit my painted ponies in (they used to belong to my grandma-in-law). I finally found one at a decent price and talked my husband into buying it two days ago! I have since cleaned it up and added my ponies to it! I am very happy with the outcome, but I also need to buy a new small side table to put in my doorway for random items like keys, purses, etc now.

My family and I renewed our zoo pass for our city since the zoo opened last week. Masks are mandatory and they are limiting access to a specific amount of people every half hour. They are also limiting access to OUTDOOR attractions only which I am completely fine with. While I will miss the penguins, I am totally fine social distancing outside with a mask on.

We have been to the Biopark gardens twice already. Once to just get out of the house and the second time we took my son’s homeschool year 2020-2021 photos. I would have preferred to go someplace else but at this time traveling is out of the picture.

So those are some of the photos I took of him. I might redo some at a different location sometime in the fall as a second set of photos but I have not decided yet. I also took photos of my daughter the next day -she turned 32 months old and as you all know, I document every month.

And her photo theme for this month was muddy puddles. We wanted to document how much she loves Peppa Pig right now and that she jumps in puddles a few times a week like this and gets all messy.

So we decided to try something other than the orthotics for Lily’s feet at this time. I am going to try different shoes and other foot things for now, the cost and her father are the issue. Her father doesn’t want her to use the orthotics and wants to look in to other options, and the cost is almost $800. If we cannot correct her walking with other ways we will invest in orthotics.

Something else we are looking into for her OT is Hippotherapy, she has been referred but we are still waiting to hear from someone. We have also been referred to SLP for her talking issues. She sticks out her tongue a lot when talking so she is being evaluated to see if it is a real issue or if they feel that it is not… we will see. Today at lunch time they are supposed to watch her eat as part of the evaluation and I have also sent her SLP videos of her talking and eating just in case she gets nervous on the phone. Lily tends to not listen to us while we have our telemedicine visits, so I am prepared.

On Monday we will have our yearly visit with Lily’s GI dr, but that is also a telemedicine visit as well -I need to think of any questions we have for this doctor because honestly, I really don’t know what to expect… hes helping us with her FPIES (food allergies that involve the stomach). And we have re-trialed some foods recently but she still reacts. So …. I don’t know where to go with it right now… no where is where I am thinking, at least for a few months, then to retrial the foods again…

Okay well, I have to go back to homeschooling my son, he’s done reading his books for school and needs me to teach him math, science and spanish. I am finally settling into my role as his teacher, it took over a year to get to this point. It’s hard to make that leap but I am so happy to have made it.

Transitioning care and Homeschooling

My daughter will no longer qualify for the occupational therapy services she is currently receiving in about 6 months or less. I am not certain if this is because she is turning 3 and she would have to qualify for services through our school district, but they seem to be hinting at that. Anyways, the services she receives are MOSTLY free. OT is free, the SLP is free, she has a dietitian for free, and she gets music therapy for free. If I have to visit an outside office, we pay for those visits, but so far their services have been amazing, and I know the costs of OT can add up. My son was in OT for a few years, he still needs it but currently no places have openings and COVID… is a thing.

Anyways my daughter will be “transitioning” out of their care sometime in the next few months. We had a meeting online today and I met my daughter’s SLP, they are going to evaluate how she has been talking, she likes to stick out her tongue when saying any words with C, S, T, CH, in it and I personally had issues with a lisp as a child, I know how difficult it can be at school getting teased, so I want to see if there is anything I can do to help for now.

We have decided to try some OTHER therapies for her tippy toe issue. My husband feels it is overkill to get the orthotics at this point, and our insurance doesn’t cover much. So we will try something else and see if that helps FIRST. The orthotics will be an option IF things do not work out. And at least we know how much they cost next time. Sadly, I was really hoping to just get them and nip this in the bud, but I have to take my husband’s thoughts into consideration as well. Her OT understands and said we can try different shoes or other things to help at this time as well. She is increasing her visits for now to help out.

By the way, due to COVID, all of our visits are on TEAMS. Online…no in person visits. BUT …..

They want her to get Hippotherapy… which is … HORSE THERAPY! I actually hope our insurance helps cover this, bc I think it would be pretty therapeutic. I have not talked to my husband about this one BUT, I don’t see how seeing a horse and that type of therapy would be controversial. So I will only bring it up once I find out how much insurance covers, I am sort of holding back because we did argue about the foot things…. he says I over do it but honestly I just want to help her walk better. I would LOVE for my kids to be “NORMAL” and not have any issues. God I pray for that….

But here I am…BOTH of my kids have Sensory Processing Disorder…one has severe ADHD, the other has sensative ears and has delayed motor skills, but an advanced language set. I know my daughter talks VERY well for a 2 year old… I hear other people’s kids talk and I honestly cannot understand them, at all. But mine is saying sentences, with the correct pronouns an nouns…etc…My son didn’t even speak this well until he was a bit older.

Anyways, I would love for my kids to be able to go to normal schools and just be able to have a normal job.

I am going to admit something here — Don’t be mad if this is you


I am so tired of hearing people complain about “having to homeschool” especially when they are SAHMs. I am not talking about the parents who work full time and CANNOT homeschool. I am talking about the ones who I know personally….like I KNOW these people, and they are complaining …. they keep saying junk like “My kid is not going to be socialized and they are going to be a weird homeschooler”. I find that OFFENSIVE. As a homeschooler…. I did not CHOOSE to homeschool, my son has differences that were not being treated fairly in public school… so I had to homeschool. STOP SAYING HOMESCHOOLERS ARE WEIRD.

Now me personally, yes I am weird…but I went to public school. I just have crippling social anxiety. BUT I was trying to get my kids socialized. I had my son in music classes, I had enrolled him in horse care, but COVID happened, he WAS in karate but he didn’t like it…. ugh. Homeschoolers have more time to join those activities your kids like, and they do CO-OPs. Honestly though I hate CO-OPs. I can’t find any with people that I feel connected with so far in my city.

But just stop saying homeschoolers are the worst. It just bugs me. Okay rant over, I just had to let that out. I get really annoyed by it.

Anyways, we are on week 4 of using Sonlight. I am going to be VERY honest here – I love the literature we received with this curriculum but …BUT…. I want a different science book. The science is LACKING. And I looked into this and MANY people say the same thing. So, I may find some extra stuff this year to add in, and next year I will just replace the science portion for my own. I need to find a science program that covers science the way it should be covered…. My son though, is enjoying it, which is good for this year since it’s been rough.

My son is really enjoying reading about Roman and Greek history this week, last week he learned about Egypt. He seems to be retaining the information from this curriculum much better and he is an independent reader. I usually make a list of the subjects he can do on his own for the most part, and then I leave the harder stuff for when my toddler is asleep and we go over THOSE subjects together while she is asleep. I am going to add some books to his reading list in a few weeks, he is a fast reader and tends to be a head in certain areas, so I am going to prepare some books I remember reading at his age, just so we aren’t left with a gap in the middle or end of the school year.

Well, I am going to rest. I am using my son’s computer since mine is still broken. Long story. Follow my tweets complaining about how things are… ugh. I am going to try to write more about the homeschooling aspect of life. Honestly things are going well this year. We are focusing on something fun… naming our homeschool because apparently “that’s a thing” and we are picking out a mascot..my son really wants it to be a dragon. So I am going to see if I can create a logo. I don’t have $$ to PAY for a logo, so please don’t offer to help unless you want to do it for free. I have had about 15 offers on twitter from people trying to sell me logos and I have not answered any of them because I don’t have the $$ to do that.

Don’t take offense people. I just don’t want to waste your time </3

I’m posting this from my phone because my computer is broken

Oh yes, the computer I got last December decided to not work… Isn’t that lovely!?

We have tried so many ways to get it to boot, we tried to get into bios. I’m waiting on tech support for iBUYPOWER. I have a warranty. The issue is just making sure my photos are safe of the kids.

It’s frustrating because this computer isn’t that old and it costs a lot. I don’t know what triggered it to stop working since it was working fine earlier last month. But here we are..

Hopefully iBUYPOWER will be good at fixing it. I just really don’t want to be out this computer. I got it as a gift and I’ve been using it for my photos and to game a little. It should be able to handle what I’VE done. I didn’t leave it on all the time…. I do the updates… I run virus searches…

Fingers crossed. Because this is delaying any photos or videos i do.

If you know what to do when you get stuck on the start up screen and nothing else will boot, let me know. I’ve tried all the f buttons and del and shift, etc.


Back to work…for now

Today marks the first day I have worked since sometime in April. If you don’t already know, I work PRN coding medical charts. But since COVID-19 caused clinics/hospitals to limit elective surgeries and stop some outpatient care, the facility I work for decided to save $$ by cutting its’ PRN hours back to nothing. That’s fine and dandy when you don’t NEED the money…

Thankfully my financial situation along with my husband’s employment is pretty stable. I don’t mind the income though… so when my boss finally emailed out to the PRNs that they had some hours approved and to email her our availability, I immediately offered up my normal hours (I honestly don’t work much every week). I am not going to add too many hours to my schedule since I homeschool my 12 year old (as you know), and I have a 2 1/2 year old toddler to take care of as well.

But I am thankful for a paycheck. I am hoping they will continue to allow PRN employees to work and that I don’t forget how to do my job.

Whats PRN? That means- AS NEEDED.

I pretty much just give my manager the hours I WANT to work – and she either approves them or tells me she doesn’t need me to work. Pre-COVID, I was hardly ever cancelled. But when COVID came around, I began receiving weekly “hours cancelled for the week of” emails… sad but at least I was not fired.

No I did not get unemployment. I don’t know if I would qualify with how few hours I actually work and my family did not “need” the extra income. Why take something that other people need? We aren’t greedy people.

But now I get to juggle a few more things… I am still making face masks, only a few days of the week though since homeschooling and my toddler take a up a lot of time. And I will work – along with all my other duties, such as cleaning and cooking for my family.

I feel for the parents who HAVE to work full time and are being tossed into homeschooling…that is hard… I tried …it was VERY hard for me. But I was able to adjust my income and how we did things. I was lucky. I am going to be posting more homeschool related items here on my blog though for anyone who is looking for resources. I know some of you all didn’t “choose” to homeschool, rather you were tossed in with everyone else. I hope you can find what you need – or maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Home-school Facebook groups : That I find helpful

If you are like me at all – when I started looking into homeschooling my son a year and a half ago I had no idea where to start, or even if homeschooling would work out for my child. Thankfully I found groups of people just like me online, via facebook. Here is a listing of the facebook groups that I have personally joined or find helpful that are homeschool related.

Just a reminder, some of these are secular and some are religious and some are just neutral grounds for general information. Do not join these groups if you intend to harass anyone, they do have admins that can kick you immediately. Going forward, I have had no issues with any of these groups myself personally. The links below are in no formal order.

  1. Sonlight Homeschool Moms (this is a christian based home-school group for users of the Sonlight Curriculum)
  2. New Mexico Secular Homeschoolers (regional)
  3. Albuquerque Homeschool Resource List (local to me)
  4. Secular, Eclectic, Academia (SEA) Homeschoolers
  5. Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum USED books Sell/ Swap/ Share
  6. Homeschooling the ADHD Child Support Group
  7. ABQ Inclusive Homeschool resource group
  8. Acell-us homeschooling and support group for parents and students (this is brand specific – Acellus)
  9. Special Needs Homeschoolers
  10. ADHD Homeschool Gamer Moms (Part of Homeschooling the ADHD Child)
  11. New Mexico Homeschool Group
  12. Sonlight Connections (christian based curriculum)
  13. Homeschooling with Apps
  14. Secular Homeschool Families
  15. Homeschooling Special Needs (Autism, ADHD, Sensory, Downs Syndrome, etc)
  16. Homeschool Family Freebies & Giveaways
  17. Homeschooling with Youtube
  18. Homeschool IEP. 504-4 Special needs, Autism, ADHD
  19. Homeschool – Acellus, Moby Max, Khan Academy…
  20. Homeschooling with Amazon Prime
  21. ABQ Homeschool BST
  22. Wild + Free Albuquerque Area- Homeschool Hike Group (I have not actually gone on a hike yet due to covid)
  23. Sonlight curriculum CHAT group, Learn / Share
  24. Homeschool with Netflix, Amazon Streaming, etc
  25. Special Needs Homeschool
  26. ABCMouse New Member Orientation (this is for the ABC Mouse Online Curriculum)

Again, some of those may be regional to me, specifically the New Mexico and Albuquerque ones, but if they don’t have a state or city name in them, they are not regional. I have a bunch of ADHD groups since my son struggles with his ADHD and they are very helpful in that aspect and I suggest you look up groups that tailor to your style of parenting and learning. You will find a group of people you get along with, trust me on that.

What other kind of lists do you want from one homeschooling parent to another? What kind of stuff do you want to know?

10 days into the Sonlight curriculum

Starting a new curriculum can be a bit intimidating at first but once you realize how the programs work, the order in which they teach and you set up a schedule to follow for your kids (or free-style, what ever your preference be), then it gets a whole lot easier.

My son is in the 7th grade level of his education and we have been homeschooling for roughly a year and a half now. We went through quite a few curriculums the first half year just trying to find something that would work with us. My son has ADHD and various other behavioral issues that we needed to modify learning for him. He possibly has dysgraphia as well, which makes writing a difficult task, so much so, that the school he used to go to said he should just type on a computer instead.

Well this year he is writing paragraphs. They may not be neat but we have come a long way from, “he can only type.” We are working on specific items that my son struggles with, mostly writing and spelling. He is above his grade level at reading, but the dysgraphia hurts his writing skills.

We chose to switch to Sonlight a few months ago because he wanted to try a literature based curriculum. He is old enough to make some decisions about his education and he did a great job with telling me what he wanted. What he wanted was to read… yes you heard that right…less videos and more reading. This actually seems to be working well for us 10 days in so far… I am shocked that he really wanted to move away from the highly popular online education settings that a lot of homeschoolers use now a days.

We previously struggled with his attention span and just feeling like we were missing chunks of materials. Sonlight is a Christian curriculum, but there are others similar that are secular to choose from. I chose a Christian based curriculum because my son is a Christian and was interested in reading the bible. So far we are enjoying the books that were sent with Sonlight…which were a lot!

I am also impressed with the MathUSee books / videos. We are currently on Pre-Algebra for his 7th grade class, which has been easy to explain to him so far. The full curriculum we went with is HERE. It came with a really helpful science kit, so that when we are doing experiments from his science book most items are bought already instead of me having to run to the store every week. The language arts we a little bit lacking, so I also bought a book to help him with his writings and spelling. But that was also something that I could buy on the sonlight website.

The notebook for parents to follow along and give assignments was very helpful. I personally hate planning out the school year and this book tells me what to do on different days, which books to read, and gives me additional information to help me teach my son. My son’s favorite book is the 12,000 years of world history so far. You can find that book HERE.


People ask me if homeschooling takes a long time… yes and no. It depends on your child, the day and the subject. Sometimes we dive in deeper to a subject. Sometimes we flow through and will be done in a few hours. Most days I spend 2-3 hours teaching. My son spends 3-4 hours doing work, and has breaks in between certain subjects. So we start between 8-9 am and take a few breaks, plus our lunch break… we get done by 2-3 pm. So with the hour and half of breaks, we usually get done around 4 hours.

We still follow the 180 days of school that is required by our state and if I have additional subjects I want my son to work on, I add them in. We decided to do spanish this year again, but we got a book on Amazon instead of using any curriculum online. So what curriculum does your child use and why? We all pick for different reasons. I have heard some amazing things about other curriculums, I wish I had the money to buy multiple ones to try them all out.

This is the Spanish book we are working on currently from Amazon.

Other curriculum I have found myself interested in are:






You can also find a ton of free resources by joining facebook groups such as “crossing over to homeschooling” , I have found such support in those groups when I first started my journey with my son. I am going to provide a list soon of all the facebook groups that I find helpful, there are so many resources out there. Keep your eyes open for my next post. I have to get the toddler up! But things are going well with this new curriculum and I am very happy with it!

A new school year begins – tomorrow

Sonlight Curriculum – Awarded Best Overall Homeschool Company in 2012 by Old Schoolhouse Magazine <– Before I start, if you are still looking for a curriculum that is literature based for your child, click that link to check out sonlight curriculum. If you use my code – DH20479937 to receive $5 your first order of $50 or more!

7th Grade Curriculum 7ASPW

The above image is the curriculum my son is using this year. He is using the Grade 7 – W pack. He is really excited to read some of the books shown, and I am really enjoying how everything is laid out for me, so I don’t have to worry about making my own schedule. I have a teacher’s guide which tells me when to teach things and what pages, obviously we can deviate but it has the required 180 days of school that we must do and it’s a FULL curriculum. Yes this is a faith based curriculum, but there are other sites that sell secular as well. We decided this year to move away from the secular learning and go with sonlight.

I want to keep you all updated on how this goes for us since we have done some online homeschooling in the past AND book…but this one is literature based. I think for my son, this will be better and less distracting. He loves to read and when our “box day” came and he saw all his new books, he was very excited. He struggled with online learning and when I asked him what he wanted for this next year, he said “BOOKS”. The cost of this vs the online homeschooling is pretty similar as well, and I can always resell the curriculum when I am done with it instead.

Why aren’t we doing online public school?

Honestly I don’t like our options. K12.com is not available in my state and the ones that are available don’t seem like they give you enough support and you can’t change your schedule around as much as I would like. I miss having a teacher to go to, but then again I don’t. I didn’t always get the proper amount of support from my son’s previous school and honestly if the teacher was burned out or too new, they just ignored him. I only had 2 really good teachers the 5 1/2 years my son was in public education.

Why not online homeschooling again?

Well my son has ADHD and he complained that the videos were too distracting and that he would prefer to read more. He wanted books to review information easier. The online stuff didn’t allow us to have PHYSICAL text… so bringing his tablet or computer somewhere got annoying. Plus he really is very bad at taking notes, (again ADHD) . But having something physical may help us and our situation.

Why religious and not secular?

Well my son is being raised christian, even if I am not on the same path as him and I feel that this type of structure would benefit him. I personally wouldn’t mind if it was more secular based but I couldn’t find a secular homeschool curriculum with all the things I liked that sonlight offered.

Why am I starting in the middle of July?

My son is bored. So why not?

We are going to ease into this school year, so hopefully it goes smoothly. I am waiting for the back to school sales start so I can get some more notebooks and other fun items. I went early since we will be starting tomorrow, and I only got what I will need for now. The rest can wait until the sales hit.

I don’t really know how the public schools will handle this coming year but I wanted to show you all that homeschooling can be done. And you don’t have to be weird.

There are TONS of curriculums, free, paid and religious/secular to choose from. My 2 year old uses ABC Mouse to learn currently and that is working for her. But once she gets older, we may homeschool her, we aren’t sure yet because her learning situation is different than my son’s.

According to SONLIGHT – the time spent per day doing the curriculum I chose for my child (yes there are multiple options for different ages) is Child: 4 – 6 hrs; Parent: 2 – 3.5 hrs. And honestly I believe that is pretty darn good. I can set a side a few hours a day to make sure my son is educated properly instead of being ignored.

The pubic school system just didn’t work for us. They let my son down. And I was struggling with them daily. I missed work constantly and his grades were going down. Eventually some of his educators and I talked and they even mentioned online school or homeschool as being a better option and when I pulled him from public school the principal and I talked…she eventually told me I was probably doing the right thing. So far…I feel I have not made a mistake by doing this.

So even if you plan to homeschool for a little while due to COVID-19 OR if you choose to do it for the rest of your kid’s education, the choice is up to you. I personally believe that public school does have a place…just not for my son.

Old Computer Files

I was secretly dreading getting my new hard drive reader today. I have an old hard drive with photos I care about – and when I hooked it up to my new computer (it was in an external hard drive reader) it just wouldn’t work. Nothing…. but it was an old thing so I was hopeful… and ordered a new reader…

Today the UNITEK device I bought came in the mail –

That is what I bought – I also had a mystery hard drive I wanted to view – and since this gives the option to look at that one as well, I got it. It was well worth the money. My hard drive was THANKFULLY not broken, and I am currently backing up all my files. My new computer has a ton of space and I was ready to do this last week but that’s when my computer just wouldn’t recognize my old drive.

I am telling you – It took a lot to not cry. I told myself I would get those files off one way or another. I am working on a project to print all my photos for the last 12 years… well not ALL the photos but at least photos for my kids.

Oh and that other drive? That was my husbands old computer. He and I have a habit of keeping our unlabeled drives in the closet in my office together apparently…


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