Doctors, why does this always happen!?

My daughter has been scheduled to see a GI doctor for her food allergies for over 5 months now. This week, the day before she was due to go in, she vomited and had a 103.5 fever. So we had to cancel, due to illness. Thankfully we will not have to wait another 5-6 months. No, this time, we only have to wait until August for the rescheduled Dr Appt.

We do have another doctor appointment coming up next week for her allergist. I am really hoping we don’t have to cancel that one because we have been waiting for THAT appointment since OCTOBER of last year. Yeah, tell me about wait lists won’t you.

In the mean time, food allergies. My daughter’s PCP asked me yesterday how we were doing. Fine, I told him. As long as we stay away from ALL unknown foods and any food that we already are aware of that she has a reaction to.

Food allergies are the worst. But recently I found some chicken nuggets that she likes, that are by a company called “Ian’s” . I found them at target last week and she is doing great on them! They are gluten free, but not corn free, so we have to feed them to her on moderation, since corn is IFFY with her.

But I can make these on the run, and they taste decent. I know, I know, I should make some more home made meals, and yes I am working on some home made recipes. But I also need some quick stuff for when we go on trips. Which I am trying to plan more of. I would like to go camping sometime soon with this baby of mine.

If anyone has any amazing camping recipes, that are gluten and rice free, send them my way!


Drama Llama

Pst…. you.

Yes YOU….

You know who you are….

Are you stalking me on here too?

(This is a serious post for SOMEONE I know in real life)

Don’t be such a drama Llama.


Get over it.

Back to our normal blog content. = Such great bags!!

I cannot believe what an amazing backpack I received from My son and I travel in the summer time to visit his father and this bag is going to come in handy with all of my son’s electronic devices. I also noticed that it has enough room to substitute for my diaper bag if I ever needed to use it instead! See the photos below to see my take on this backpack, from

As you can see from the photos above, this bag can carry quite a bit. I have two tablets, a laptop and all the cords, as well as a mouse, a speaker and headphones in it! There is even more room available in it as well! You have the option of carrying it by the handle on top, which is amazing and sturdy or via the backpack straps on the back. This makes it a great travel bag and my son says it looks very cool as well with the patches!

I personally love the fact that this backpack is Swiss Gear, I absolutely love the brand, and own some more work bags from that company as well, so I know that has some great quality items! The stitching is strong, the backpacks are sold for a great price, and I received this straight to my door via mail. I didn’t have to sort through a mess of bags at the stores.

For the exact backpack I received you can go to this link:

Here are my PROs for this specific bag:

  • Has tons of space for electronics
  • Has dividers for tablets/laptops
  • Has large side carriers for water OR more electronics!
  • The inside and outside are stylish
  • The stitching looks strong and I see no flaws in this product
  • It’s Swiss Gear… seriously such a great brand
  • My son LOVES it, and asked if he could use it for an up coming trip
  • The top stays open while you look through your bag, it doesn’t flop over like regular bags
  • The zippers aren’t cheap

I know some of you might be saying ,but I don’t need a bag for my lap top. That’s fine 🙂 because has multiple selections for you to choose from!

You can choose your backpack based on either style, use, feature, brands, or you can look at the sales that offers. I found that they have some amazing deals, and I honestly will be buying my bags from them more often, as my family and friends often have a hard time finding quality at regular retail stores.

Now here is the deal. I got this bag from and you can too! Just use my link to save 5% on your purchase.

Use the code MYONLYSECRET at check out.

You can also use the link BACKPACKS.COM and at check out add the code for a discount as well.

Or check out their dealspotr page for more great deals :

Have you shopped at before? What is stopping you ? School may have just gotten out for your kiddos but you could still snag a great deal on backpacks or bags on Snag up a quality made bag for your family/traveling needs. There are so many to choose from!

#promotions #ads #sponsoredpost All items I support through sponsorship are my own opinions and I have actually received and tried these items, sometimes at a reduced price or for free, but that does not change my opinion on each product, I will always review and post honestly.

What’s up?

Yes I have been gone for a few weeks. I know, I know. But I had good reason for this. First of all – if you read my past posts you will have seen that we had two deaths in the family, first my husband’s grandmother passed away suddenly, and then my own grandmother passed away less than two weeks later. In the midst of that, I pulled my son from public school and started to home school him. We had many struggles in between.

We are finding out what curriculum works best for my son and I am catching him up to his proper grade level since his school had him behind by a lot. I have had him tested on multiple web sites to find out where we are lacking and now I am trying to get him up to speed. It seems like the public school system just ignored him, they left him, they were glorified baby sitters. I am trying to think of the best way to complain to the school system and show them how well he is doing now, outside of their facilities.

I never thought I would like homeschooling. I have to be honest. I am not THAT mom. But I actually am enjoying this. I like being able to see what my son is learning, he is behaving better, I am seeing that he LIKES to learn. It’s not pulling teeth, he is doing better at math now. One month is making a difference. I hope I can get him up to grade level. We are doing great in some subjects, and with 6th grade coming up, I am going to add a foreign language to his schedule and I am going to let him choose.

Does anyone have any cost effective options you would like to share? I do a lot of online schooling, paid programs are okay, we have enough money to join things.

I am going to start posting more regularly again, this month was just a stressful one and I needed to focus on my son and daughter. But I am back now. Thank you all for sticking by my side during this time.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I spent time with my family and have been insanely busy and am currently trying to adjust my schedule at home and work.

I currently work 3 days a week for 4 hours at a time, while I home school my son for a good portion of the day, all while taking care of my toddler daughter, taking care of the dog and cat and playing house wife (cleaning and cooking). I have actually told my boss I will be cutting my hours back again, and of course as soon as I told her that, with in a few days, my replacement mentions to me that she might quit…great.

I used to work full time, before I started home schooling and it was very busy and I was too stressed. I admit I am a lot less stressed but my world is still really messed up because I don’t really have a clear schedule. I want more time with my children and less at work, so I can not wait until next month when I am only going to work 4 hours a week. Though that new girl who took my old job, possibly quitting, stresses my whole situation out. It really bugs me that I spent 5 months training her for this.

Anyways Easter was great! We did have a funeral this weekend for my husband’s grandmother, and it went well.

There was a funeral for a fire fighter next to my GIL’s as well – they had the black fire truck there and the flag hung for the fire fighter, it was beautiful.

As you can see, Easter was very cute and fun. We spent time at my BIL’s house and later we went to my husband’s cousin’s house as well, so we weren’t home most of the day. The Easter bunny brought Lillian some chocolate she could eat, baby clothes, chalk and a few books! My son got the Percy Jackson book series, bubbles and candy. My kids like books.

We have been home schooling for over a week now and we have hit rough spots here and there, mostly on topics my son has no clue how to do. He went to a very crappy public school and I am finding out that he is horrible at certain things because they just never learned them, but I know its something he SHOULD know. So we are playing catch up before he goes to his father’s in June. Because I am pretty sure his father will spend zero time with him on school work.

It’s frustrating.

Ugh anyways today’s post will have to be cut short, I have a crying baby and a son who can’t do division properly. So I am off to teach what the public school apparently didn’t care to teach my son.

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